When the ascension process starts, there are so many changes that occur in the body. A new tear and repair process initiates in the body that can lead to physical pain.

It is a common symptom of energetic growth. Changes are present at emotional, physical and mental levels. Most times, crown pressure and headaches are primary ascension symptoms.

What Kind of Headaches are there?

Ascension headaches are not normal headaches and feel quite strange. Their sensation is like a laser beam invading your brain at different angles at different times. The pain is not stationary and moves from one place to another. The pain is also felt in the face area along with the head.

The total areas that get affected are our eyes, ears, skull, teeth, gums and sinuses. This whole region is the crown chakra area which provides the path to higher consciousness. In simple words, the headaches associated with ascension process often feel like your head is filled with energy.

What Happens During Ascension Symptoms Headaches?

Ascension headaches occur when the brain is developing to cope with the higher self. Your brain changes expand, merges, and upgrades itself. When pituitary gland and pineal gland absorb more energy and light, there’s a feeling of intense pressure in the forehead region or at the back of the head.

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In actual, these glands have their connection with the crown as well as third eye chakra. The opening of these glands leads to enhanced intuition and vision. It also benefits in slowing down the process of ageing. But, the path that takes you to these advantages is very tough and brings many pains to bear.

Can Medicine Cure These Headaches?

The answer is no! No medicine can cure the ascension-related headaches. The onset of these headaches is instant and occurs without any particular cause. There is no pattern, and they come and go on their own. They might last from hours to days with the onset timings of their own. Even when you try to treat them, you don’t get any benefit, and your medical reports would turn out normal.

How to Cure Ascension associated Headaches and Crown Pressure?

As it is mentioned earlier that there’s no medicinal cure for the ascension associated headache so what can a person do in this situation? When the pain is quite intense, you should sit and try to relax your body. If you meditate then concentrate on the white light as it is the crown chakra exercise that allows you to pour the energy into the crown without any pain.

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Other than that, during the period of these headaches, start to take deep breaths as they will increase the oxygen level in the blood and your brain will get more oxygen to help it accept the intense energy. Concentrating on breathing also helps to divert your mind away from the pain.

You need to control yourself as this pain won’t stop until the ascension process is completed. It is important to bear it if you want something better.