If you are aware of the Merkaba power, you will want to activate it right away. Merkaba is the geometric body; a star tetrahedron.

It is made from two triangular pyramids – one pointing upward and the second pointing downward. It is how we perceive the universe and ourselves.

This 8 pointed star is like Yin and Yang because it harmonises male and female energy. The pyramid with the pointy head on top connects our body to universal energy.

The second one connects our body to the earth, facing downwards. That’s how they both control the positive and negative energy flows.

The size of a Merkaba is dependent on your perception. You can increase it to the whole universe, or decrease it to a point.

If you believe that you are not limited to time and space, and can go beyond that, Merkaba helps you achieve that.

Merkaba makes you the creator of your own universe and gives you the ultimate creation power. In simple words, Merkaba is the tool to use to create the life you want.

What is Merkaba Activation?

To understand the Merkaba, it is essential you learn to activate it. By activation means it should be constantly spinning and balancing the power.

Only you have the power to activate and program your Merkaba within your universe.

How to Activate Merkaba?

There are many ways you can activate your Merkaba. Some simple ways to activate Merkaba are:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Visualization
  • Using the language of light
  • And by instructing your Merkaba about your intentions

The Exercises to Activate Merkaba:

There are different exercises you can follow to activate it:

Exercise#1: Meditate with your Merkaba

First clear your mind and then sit down and relax. Focus on your Merkaba and allow the male pyramid to point upward, and the female pointing downward.

Make it spin so that it begins to activate. Spin the male pyramid from left to right around your body and do the opposite for the female pyramid.

Let them spin in opposite directions to energise your meridians. Let the light field grow around your body to make your Merkaba work the way you want.

Exercise#2: Using Real Commands

One of the simplest and best ways is to command your Merkaba intuitively.

Focus and attentively and command your Merkaba; you can request your Merkaba to balance you, you can use the following command:

“Merkaba, please balance all my energies”, “Dear Merkaba, please heal me”,

If you have any other specific areas that need healing, request it from your Merkaba.

Exercise#3: Visualize

Visualise your Merkaba and its movement. Through the eyes of your mind, see it spinning and ask it what you desire.

For this exercise, having a firm belief in your Merkaba is essential. You should trust the power of your Merkaba and everything it can do.

It is vital that you activate it once a day for it to become fully energised and remain like that.