According to many cultures, a birthmark on the face has meaning that relates to your future and fortune.

A birthmark on your face has meaning according to the placement, shape, and color.

Where it appears on your face tells you how it relates, with the coloring and shape sometimes weighing in to change the meaning

For example, a darker coloring is believed to bring about more of the negative side of the symbolism, whereas a lighter pigmentation leans towards more positive interpretation.

It is a placement that has the most effect, so let’s go through each location of a birthmark on the face, the meaning of it and how its interpretation might affect you.

Birthmark On Forehead Meaning

When it appears on the right-hand side of your forehead, this can signify that you have a towering intellect.

It is likely to bring you success in your academic and professional life, earning you a stellar reputation and respect in your field.

However, you should be careful to apply the same level of dedication to your personal life, too.

It takes a different skill set to be a good partner, parent, or friend than it does to be good at your job.

If it is on the left-hand side, then it is less favorable.

This left-hand position indicates someone who throws their money around without caution, often leaving themselves indebted to others.

It can lead to breakdowns in family relationships and friendships, as well as cause real long term damage to your prospects.

You will be seen as generous, however – and as many enemies, as you make through debt, you will make friends through this generosity.

Be wary of those who seek to take advantage of you.

When you have it dead center, it is a sign that you will be attractive to a large number of people and will have no shortage of potential partners.

It should be easy for you to find a partner who is everything you are looking for in a mate.

But you should be careful, as infidelity will play a role in your life.

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You need to maintain self-control and self-esteem, even if you do decide to play the field for a while – but you should never be a cheater, as this always comes back to bite you.

Birthmark On-Ear Meaning

Universally signaling good luck, having a birthmark on your ear is supposed to bring you great riches at some point in your life.

Beware if it has dark coloring! You will still get your promised riches, but the money will end up doing more harm than good.

Birthmark On Eye Meaning

If you have on or around your right eye, then you will have a fortuitous financial life.

Money will come easily for you without you needing to work very hard for it.

While this may seem like a blessing, it is a mixed bag.

While you are in little danger of becoming homeless, you are in danger of becoming arrogant and complacent – and in doing so, failing to reach your full potential.

If it is on or around your left eye, then you will have a long but ultimately unsatisfying love life.

You will have a string of relationships that fail for a variety of reasons.

However, this will make you smarter and stronger if you move through it well.

Be sure to do an autopsy on each relationship to see where your problems lie.

Birthmark On Nose Meaning

On the nose, a birthmark predicts an unpredictable personality. You exist outside of the box, thinking laterally and with intense creativity.

Your main challenge will be to find goals that you can stick to, as your flaky nature means you will often give up too early.

Humanitarian goals are natural for you.

Birthmark On Cheek Meaning

On your right cheek, it indicates that you live life with vigor and will find a way for your work to be your passion.

High accolades are headed your way if you dedicate yourself. You are very proactive and will have a satisfying home life, whatever that means for you.

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If it is on the left cheek, then the omens are bad.

It indicates a financial struggle, brought on by poor luck rather than bad decisions. Pessimism and hopelessness will come naturally, but fighting these feelings and taking the bad with the good can work to reverse your success.

Birthmark On Lip Meaning

Generally, if it is on the lips, it means that you are a natural speaker and enjoy having everyone’s attention, even if you are entirely out of your comfort zone.

However, exact placement also plays a role.

If it is found on the upper lip, then you will be charismatic and charming. People tend to like you, and this makes you influential in your social circle – which can be quite extensive.

This placement is especially accurate of romantic prospects.

On the lower lip, it has a different meaning. It indicates a more severe demeanor and a severe attitude towards work and study.

Rather than winning people over with charm, you win them over with high achievement and academic attainment.

In the corner of your mouth, it has another meaning still! This one relates to food and warns that you are prone to overeating, especially when eating socially.

Birthmark On Jaw Meaning

If you have a birthmark on your jaw or around your jawline, this can be a signifier of poor health throughout your life.

It may be advisable to cover this birthmark to dampen the adverse effects, but mostly you should concentrate on your wellbeing to ensure you are as healthy as possible in all areas.

Birthmark On Chin Meaning

Finally, a birthmark on your chin indicates intense masculine energy – regardless of your gender.

This suggests a pull towards the physical side of life, especially when providing for the family and choosing a career.

You are reliable, productive, and strong-willed.

However, you should put some time into your emotional and spiritual sides as these are the areas in which you require the most education.