Life after spiritual awakening: Enlightenment or Spiritual awakening is regarded as the end of Knowledge? A state of total spiritual awareness.

But is it really? Is Spiritual Awakening a destination or an endless pursuit? To sustain a perpetual state of spiritual awakening, there’s a lot that still needs to be done.

You need emotional consistency and resolve to stay true to your purpose. After knowing the meaning of your existence, you must strive to carve it into reality. And that takes a lifetime.

Most of us who procure enlightenment ask, “What’s Next”. Spiritual Knowledge imparts us with invaluable wisdom. It makes you realise that your materialistic life was indeed a big fat lie.

There’s more to life than meets the eye. The first stage of spiritual awakening is spiritual disillusionment.

Shedding of old beliefs. After it completes, your new perspective of the world ends in a spiritual plateau, and then monotony settles in. Staying in that static state of inner peace and happiness is a demanding ordeal in itself.

But there are some things that you can do to extricate yourself out of that apathy, and use your enlightenment for the greater good. Here’s what you can do.

Coexist with other Enlightened Beings

Spiritual Awakening is a highly subjective experience. The means and ends vary for different people. Interacting with enlightened people can give you valuable insight into the world of spirituality.

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You can learn more about enlightenment than you already know, through their experiences.

For me, Interactions with likeminded people proved to be a turning point in my life. It propelled me to help the people around me and spread the message of love and life.

Every day, I was discovering something new about love and life through them. A curious mind, as I am, I was inclined to stay true to my path.

Stay Alert to the Rise of your Self-Ego

Some people forget that our self-ego. The powerful force that births negativities like self-hatred, never really dies. It can resurrect itself. However, after a spiritual awakening, it’s much easier to identify its resurrection and kill it in its wake.

It’s important to remember the triggers and factors that breathe life into it. Even after enlightenment, you can’t show apathy or take anything for granted.

Every day is a struggle, remember that. Although, the battle is much more directed and purposeful after you’ve awakened.

It takes many years before we acclimatise to the after effects of spiritual awakening. Sorrow, emptiness, demotivation and depression persist.

To condition yourself to your enlightened state, you must eliminate repetitive patterns that break your awakened state. For example, you mustn’t let the same derogatory opinions and thoughts spring up in your mind. Allowing them through the front door might lay waste to years of endless struggle.

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Life after spiritual awakening is demanding and arduous, but it’s worth it. At least you know you’re facing the challenges of life for a higher purpose, one that’s greater than you and me.

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