Divine Masculine And Feminine Twin Flames – The Divine Masculine/Feminine are archetypes that exist for all spiritual relationship dynamics.

There is Divine Feminine/Masculine energy both within us and out there in the infinite Divine that we connect to and draw upon as we move through our journey.

We can tap into them, use them for guidance and healing, and align with them every day by connecting to these Divine aspects within us, even if one of us is not physically present.

Understanding The Divine Masculine And Feminine Twin Flames

If you are in an awakening process, chances are you have already seen some things about your relationship change quite rapidly.

You may have also noticed that each time something changes for one of you.

This masculine and feminine energy unfolds with the change in ways that show you how these archetypes are coming into balance within your relationship.

You will see the Divine Masculine and Feminine in action in your relationship when you are looking with an awakened eye.

Your job is not to engage or participate or interfere with what you see, but simply be the observer of it (just like watching a movie).

It’s simply beautiful to watch this unfold in your relationship when you are in a place of awareness.

It’s when your ego steps in and tries to fix or change what you see that the dance becomes difficult and challenging.

This is not an easy subject to discuss, yet with our current global state of affairs, we find it more important now than ever to talk about these aspects of who we are and how they play out in relationships.Divine Masculine And Feminine Twin Flames

The Divine Masculine/Feminine Within You

Understanding that these two types of energy is an aspect of being human, not just a quality of being a twin flame.

It is important because Divine feminine and Divine masculine also come into play in our relationship with ourselves.

There are feminine qualities within the Divine masculine and masculine aspects within the Divine feminine energy that we all have access to.

Understanding this will help you get a better idea of how you can call on these Divine aspects to bring balance and healing.

Balance and healing are important in a union because these qualities will help you stay in tune with your personal power, intuition, and connection to the Divine.

What Is The Divine Feminine?

The Divine feminine is the qualities we associate with sweetness, creativity, nurturing, and life-giving energy.

It’s about receptivity, softness, compassion, and unconditional love.

These Divine qualities are here to guide us.

We each have feminine qualities within ourselves and in our twin Flame, even if we are playing the role of the Divine masculine in any given situation.

When you understand that, you can let go of anything that keeps you stuck in old patterns.

The Divine Feminine energy empowers you to make changes and bring about healing to your situation.

What Is The Divine Masculine?

The Divine masculine is the qualities we associate with strength, wisdom, objectivity, and clear-sightedness.

If you look at it from a Divine perspective, Divine masculine energy is also the Divine protector within all of us that wants what’s best for the feminine aspect of ourselves.

Even if sometimes what’s best can be painful.

The Divine masculine energy also shows up to support the Divine feminine when it is called upon.

We need this energy because we have a tendency to get overwhelmed by emotion or act impulsively when faced with difficult decisions.

We need the Divine masculine within ourselves in order to make good decisions for ourselves and our communities.

How They Work Together for Twin Flames

As you move forward in your journey, these energies will not only show up within you but also in your relationship dynamic.

The Divine Masculine is all about boundaries and the Divine Feminine energy is about merging.

With both of these energies, there needs to be a balance between bonding and the maintaining of individual boundaries because you are divinely ordained to be together.

When these two energies merge in Divine Union, you create a sacred space where you can bond without losing your own sense of self in the process.

And it’s important to know that you and your Twin Flame are two halves of one whole.

When you begin to understand the polarity between these energies, it becomes easier to identify when it’s time to step into your masculine energy for protection.

Or when you need to back off and allow your partner to step into their masculine.

You begin to experience the Divine Union within yourself and you create a safe space for both of your energies to be present without losing sight of what makes you uniquely divine.


The balance between Divine masculine and Divine feminine is important in every aspect of a union.

You balance each other by your differences.

He provides you with the strength and supports your feminine body very much needs.

You give him the nurturing qualities his masculine mind is lacking, even though he doesn’t think he needs them.

Both of you need to be able to understand that your partner is not an extension of you, but rather your partner is their own person with their own path.

Often times couples get together because they are both strong in one aspect of life (for example, business) but weak in another aspect(for example, nurturing).

One is never more powerful than another which is why they need to counter each other out.

Being strong in one aspect does not mean that you are superior to another person, but rather it is supporting the diversity of life on earth which is balanced with nature.

Balance is key!


In twin flame relationships, the Divine masculine and Divine feminine qualities manifest as a natural flow of energy that you can feel within yourself and your twin.

This flow is something that exists whether or not either one of you is present.

So these energies exist within both of you, even if your twin flame is not physically present.