Famous psychic mediums are all the talk in the celebrity world. Intuition enables a psychic medium to see the past, present and the future.

Many psychic mediums claim to be exacting in their predictions, but most of them turn out to be hoaxes.

Therefore, in this list, I’ve compiled famous psychic mediums that have done enough to warrant their authenticity.

Michelle Whitedove

Michelle Whitedove arrived on America’s Psychic Challenge with a contingent of psychics, eventually winning prestigious America’s number 1 psychic title.

Her celebrity predictions are amassing quite the audience nowadays. Recently, she prophesized that Tom Cruise’s popularity is going to decline in the imminent future.

And after The Mummy’s abysmal performance in the box office, she’s hit a bulls-eye, I would say.

She remarked that Tom Cruise’s star power is plummeting due to which his career and love life will plunge into an abyss of destruction.

James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is a master of the dark arts, a man having profound mastery over his psychic abilities.

He’s the proud author of International bestsellers and has appeared in several TV and radio shows. Before taking this career path, he thought of becoming a Catholic priest.

Those seeking spiritual guidance religiously follow his Youtube channel.

John Edward

Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of New York, John Edward first portrayed his psychic talents in a humble manner, which has now become a trait.

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He says that he already knew that he was going to grow up to be a light bearer for the sorrow-stricken and the lost.

John Holland

John Holland is one of the most important spiritual teachers of this decade. His mission is to guide people towards spiritual illumination.

His prophecies, predictions and impressive prescience of mind have turned him into an industry name.

Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock’s terrible accident in 1992 was the turning point of her life. It was at this time she came in contact with the spiritual world.

She’s revered for conveying her teachings with lightheaded-humour and poise.

Theresa Caputo

Renowned as the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo has a very distinct appearance, owing to her flashy blonde hair, absurdly long fingernails, and high pitched tone.

She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “There’s more to life than this”. It contains personal spiritual experiences and remarkable accounts of the other side from the long island medium.

You can arrange a private session by contacting her via her website. Through her show, she has communicated with the spiritual world in unimaginable ways, tantalising and bewildering audiences.

Hollywood medium’s Tyler Henry

A clairvoyant medium, who realised his psychic abilities at the mere age of 10, has been the centre of controversy. Many sceptics have raised questions about his authenticity.

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Despite the accusations, Henry says that he entertains criticism of his work. I guess, it’s just the nature of his work, but he has made many accurate predictions about the personal lives of celebrities.

He has significantly honed his powers, since being “found”, and is touted to become one of biggest names in the psychic world in the not-so-distant future.