Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Releasing the Illusions of 3D

Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Fifth Dimensional Light Being..,

fifth dimensional consciousness 2The fifth dimensional consciousness is the depth, height, time, length and spirit. Life in the fifth dimension is in unity however there is still the “I” which I believe is like the super soul, a individual of a group. There is no time and space here and with unity there is no illusion of separation or even limitation. The experience is of oneness and the source/god/goddess.

The primary awareness of the fifth dimensional consciousness is the androgynous, astral beings who live in light bodies. These vehicles are light based rather than carbon based physical bodies. Although our light bodies does have the consciousness of our lower selves but without the physical limitations. There isn’t a need for pain to learn the lessons. So there is no warning needed for the protection of our physical body. Our fifth dimensional consciousness selves have integrated the lessons learned by our lower dimensional selves on earth, so there is no need for physical suffering.



In this plane all action is based on love, just like a dead leaf may not survive the high vibration of fire, fear has no chance against the higher vibration of the fifth dimension. If one were to experience fear while they were in the 5th dimension, the vibration level would fall and the consciousness would be lowered to the 4th dimension. It’s only in the fifth dimensional consciousness we can maintain unconditional love and have a connection with our spirit self.fifth dimensional consciousness

Within the fifth dimension, travel, creation, and experience are planned in harmonious with the source/god/goddess. Every place, being, situation or location is most likely to be manifested instantly. If we were to experience of the movement, it would be like a mix of flying and treading water. Our light bodies are able to change form, just like we can change our experience or location with our wants, we are able to change the form of our body surrounding our consciousness.

The fifth dimensional consciousness is the start of ascension. Within it all consciousness is multidimensional. Having the awareness of the fourth and third dimension is similar to looking at our hands and feet. Because everything is unity and no separation, we can also experience our third and fourth dimensional realities in the exact same moment we are experiencing the fifth dimensional light body.fifth dimensional consciousness

Seeing that there isn’t a sense of constraint, we can believe and feel that we are very much alive and conscious with many different vibrations rates. Similar to how are our third dimensional consciousness is aware that we are made of biological, genetic codes, water, minerals of the first 1st and 2nd dimensions, the same rule applies to our fifth dimensional self as well, it recognizes that we are third and fourth dimensional.


Within the fifth dimension we can only live in unconditional acceptance, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love. The vibrations of fifth dimension has no negativity, guilt or judgment towards our lower selves which I believe is working to remember the higher self. Our fifth dimensional consciousness acts as the guide to our lower self of consciousness.


Another point to remember is that our twin flame is the exact opposite of the male/female light body which was split as we took incarnations in the lower dimensions.

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