Twin flame relationship might seem like a fantasy. Twin flames have two bodies and one soul that provide so many unique qualities to their relationship that are not commonly seen. They are the mirror images of each other having a profound sense of love and empathy.

They even have a secret telepathic connection that can sense the feeling of the other even when miles apart. All these things about the twin flame relationship are true; when the love starts to develop, it reaches its highest peak. But that’s about the positive energies, where all the negative energies go?

Twin flame jealousy

Well, the force of which the positive energy of love and attraction hit the couple, the negative energy could also gain the same pace. There are uncountable challenges of this relationship, and twin flame jealousy is one of it.

Jealousy is the part of the relationship. There are two forms of twin flame jealousy:

  • Jealousy from the twin flame
  • Jealousy from other relationships in the twin flame’s life

Both types of jealousy could be constructive or destructive depending on the time and situation.

Jealousy from the twin flame

Twin flames have one soul but two bodies. It is quite natural to be jealous if one body has gained fame and fortune much greater than the other one. Although, both have a similar soul their difference in origin on earth has created so many variations in their ways of living.


This form of twin flame jealousy becomes destructive when one twin flame only feels envy of other’s success and fight over it.


The jealousy is there, but the twin flame doesn’t use it as a tool to fight but takes it as an inspiration. That twin flame also starts to work hard to achieve for the better. This is not only beneficial for the individual but the relationship as well. All the hard work will also become the gizmo to attract the other.

Jealousy from other relations in the twin flame’s life

When you love someone, you want them completely for yourself. You want their full attention and unshared loved. But, most of the times, twin flames have already lived many relationships before their union. There could be the jealousy from an ex, the current affairs, and others.


This kind of twin flame jealousy becomes destructive when the jealous twin flame doesn’t want to continue the relationship because of other people. Also, that twin flame becomes pushy and bossy, that might make the other person to leave.


When the jealous twin sees their twin flame is taking an interest in others, they start to work on themselves. They improve so that they couldn’t remain unnoticed. If they are already in a relationship with the twin flame, they will shower more love and devise ways to make the other feel more comfortable with them.

Twin flame jealousy is real; you can mould it either in a positive way or negative. It’s all depends on the characteristics of twin flame personality. If one possesses good qualities, he can quickly turn their jealousy into a valuable tool; on the contrary, for the person with closed heart and mind, there are only dead ends.