Have you seen flashes of light regularly? Perhaps they appear in the corner of your eye, or even right in front of you!

It is a growing phenomenon among the spiritual community, and there are a couple of different explanations.

They all seem to have something to do with spiritual upheaval, rising vibrations and the spirit world.

Flashes Of Spirits

What is not under dispute is what the flashes of light are.

Almost everybody accepts that, just like the spirit orbs that often appear in nature and places of intense energy, these flashes of light represent spirits briefly appearing in our world.7445161960 a6eee640fc b e1557990668473

It is supposed that seeing flashes of light must mean that a spirit is trying to contact you.

It seems more likely if you experience the flashes wherever you go. If the spirit is following you around, then it is likely they are after rather than just anybody.

You might want to try to contact the spirit. It is best to go to a medium for this if you are not well versed, but you can do it yourself if you are confident.

In most cases, when a spirit is trying to contact you personally, it is probably going to be someone you know – perhaps a lost loved one or even a beloved pet.

But sometimes you might be asked for help to cleanse the area so that they can move on. Doing so would be excellent karma and great for your aura.

Blossoming Clairvoyancy Talent

There is another explanation for the phenomenon of seeing flashes of spiritual light, and that is more to do with you and your spiritual state than that of the spirit.

When your clairvoyance talents are activated, and you begin your journey towards mastering these skills, your extra-sensory perception is enhanced.

If you already have a strong perception, this extra boost can put you on the edge of being able to perceive spirits directly.

The flashes of light in this instance are not the spirits flashing in and out of your presence, but your ability to perceive them flashing on and off as you try to master it.

Finding out you have this natural talent can be daunting, especially if its something you have not looked into before.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to develop your clairvoyance abilities safely.

Other Causes Of Flashes Of Light

If your flashes of light do not feel like the presence of a spirit accompanies them, it might be a symptom of something else.

Spiritual awakening often brings about flashes of light as excess energy flows through your third eye chakra.

Problems in the third eye chakra can also be a cause of this kind of symptom.

If this is the case, try some chakra healing meditation to address problems with your third eye.

Bay Laurel aromas and amethyst crystals are our top picks for third eye chakra healing.

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