Sending healing energy is one thing that everybody is capable of doing.

You don’t need specialized training, a lifetime of spiritual experience, or an expert mentor to unlock this power.

You can use it to help to heal someone you know after a trauma, bereavement, or to help them with the daily difficulties of being a person.

While it is a straightforward process, there is a lot of room for improvement and development.

To help you to harness your innate healing power, we have put together this short guide on healing at a distance.

Sending Healing Energy To Someone

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide for sending healing energy to someone, you will find that a bit further down.

But before you read that, you should know a little more about healing energy and why we sometimes need it.

Understanding the forces, you are working with is the key to success.

We all possess cosmic energy. It’s what gives us consciousness, intent, emotion – it is what allows us to exist and the medium through which we act.

This energy is within us, but it also exists as a field around the body called the aura, which is created by the seven primary chakras of the subtle body. Altogether, this is our energy system.

Your energy system is vulnerable to negative energy.

When negative energy builds up, you will experience symptoms that can range from mild headaches and tiredness to severe mental and physical problems.

Every part of you is connected to, influenced by and governed within your energy system, so no part of your life is untouched by negative energy that you pick up.

Therein lies the importance of healing. Healing yourself is as essential as brushing your teeth, taking your vitamins, and getting exercise.

Unfortunately, some people absorb more negative energy than they are equipped to deal with.

Sending healing energy to someone who needs your help is a great way to support them through a difficult time.

It is challenging to maintain your spiritual health when your mind is on trauma, bereavement, or illness, so it is always good to have a helping hand.

Step-By-Step Guide To Sending Healing Energy

We are going to show you one technique for sending healing energy to someone, but it is by no means the only way.

Think of it as a jumping off point – the basic building blocks of the technique that you should feel free to add to, change and improve as you find what resonates with you.

Let’s jump into it:

Step 1: Prepare A Sacred Space

As is usual for techniques like this, you will need to prepare a sacred space.

You do not need anything special to create a sacred space – any place in which you feel comfortable, safe, and centered, and where you will not be disturbed.

Ideally, it would be at home, but it could just as well be a place in nature.

Wherever you decide to set up, make sure it is warm, comfortable, and welcoming.

Light some incense and candles put on some quiet music or nature sounds and set up any crystals or gemstones you would like to use.

When setting the crystals, you should set your intent to be: “To send healing energy to…”

Step 2: Clear Your Energy

Before you can hope to send healing energy, you need to clear your aura.

Everybody picks up bad energy just from living life. An unpleasant co-worker, family stress, and social pressure can all add to your burden by the end of the day.

Sit down on the ground, using a cushion if you wish. Close your eyes and breathe.

Concentrate on your breathing. The idea is to take control of your physical body, strengthening the link between mind, body, and spirit as they act as one.

Make sure to keep your spine as straight as you can manage. Doing so allows the energy to flow without congestion.

Each time you inhale through the nose, imagine the negative energy balling up in your chest.

Then as you exhale, let that darkness follow your breath out onto the wind to be carried away.

Step 3: Raise Your Vibrations

Next, you need to get your vibrations high as you can. It is essential because energy works with the laws of potential, meaning that it travels “downstream” towards lower vibrational energy.

Even if you have high vibrational frequency already, you should still pump yourself up a bit to get the most out of it.

Focus in on your root chakra and visualize a stream of light entering your body through it as it absorbs upwards from Mother Earth.

Allow it to fill you, rising through your chakras and raising your vibrations.

Step 4: Prepare Healing Energy

Bring your hands together in front of your chest and rub them together. As you do, feel the energy build on your palms.

Visualize the person you are sending healing to, empathizing with their pain.

At this point, you need to decide on the color of light you are sending:

  • White – Spiritual or general healing.
  • Orange – Physical healing.
  • Blue – Emotional healing
  • Purple – Psychic protection from negative energy.
  • Green – Love healing.

Visualize your palms crackling with colored sparks as you pull them slowly apart, creating between your hands a ball of healing light.

Note: If this part is hard for you, clap your hands together fast and hard a few times, it will start the energy up in a flash.

Step 5: Send Healing Energy

Hold an image of the person you are targeting in your mind as you focus on your heart chakra.

Bring the ball in towards your chest for a moment as you inhale.

On the next exhale, push the ball of light forwards and into the spiritual plane, physically moving your hands forward as the energy releases.

After Sending Healing Energy

Afterward, you may find that you feel a little exhausted.

It can be draining to send energy like this, especially if it is not normal for you or you are already running on empty yourself.

Or, if you are doing it correctly, you will feel quite buzzed!

So either way, take some time to relax and recover afterward as you reflect on the situation.

And follow up with the person to see if they are improving. You might find that they already know you were supporting them from afar.