Soul urge number 22 belongs to the architects, builders, and makers of life.

Those who are driven by creative expression and the need to see it manifested in the material have this numerological number in their chart.

This number forms a part of your numerology chart and is one of the five pillars that prop it up.

It speaks of your inner desires; the deepest urges that you have on a subconscious level.

You might not realize it, but these urges are what is motivating you to do the things you do.

Becoming conscious of these urges and desires means taking control over your motivation and drive, acting with intent in the spirit of your soul’s urges.

When you learn about the meaning of your soul urge number, it can help you to decipher messages from your inner self that are intended to help you live the best life for you.

After all, unless you know what drives you, it is difficult to find a fulfilling life.

Having motivations that you are unaware of means that you can’t effectively act towards your own inner goals.

Finding meaning in your life is one of the main obstacles that everybody faces.

With a little self-knowledge and the help of your soul urge number, you can find meaning in your life.

Who Has Soul Urge Number 22?

There are two ways to calculate this number on your numerological chart – the traditional way, and the modern way.

The traditional way is straightforward. It is the day of the month on which you were born, so everybody who was born on the 22nd of any month can claim this soul number through the traditional method.

The modern way, which is considered to be far more accurate and precise, involves summing the values of the vowels in your full name and reducing it down.

We prefer the modern way, as it takes into account more individual energy through personal data than a dull day of the month.

It also means that there are fewer rules to learn about when to reduce.

Write down your full name, including any middle names.

Under each vowel, you should write that letter’s value on a numerological letter chart. Once you have done this for all the vowels in your name, add the numbers together.

You can then reduce the number by adding together the digits and repeating until you get either a single-digit number or one of the master numbers.

The master numbers are 11, 22, and 33.

One important note is that you have to use your actual, real, full name.

No nicknames or shortenings, no name that you have adopted later in life – it has to be the name when you were born.

This is because your parents named you based on your energy, even if they did so subconsciously.

Your name is, therefore, a good representation of your energy and can consequently contain information about your deepest drives.

Soul Urge Number 22: The Master Builder

The number 22 has special meaning within numerology.

It is one of the master numbers and relates to the master builder, who represents the essence of craftsmanship, creative vision, and material creation.

It is associated with the numerological number 4 through its reduction, though it resists reduction and amplifies the energies of 4 within itself – which it does because it is one of the master numbers.

The number 4 is strongly associated with attention to detail, diligence, and efficiency – all-important virtues for the master builder.

While 4 speaks of bringing a creative vision into material form, 22 brings this on to a much larger scale.

Anything is possible with 22 – even the laws of physics can’t stand in the way of this powerful numerological force.

Being associated with the master-builder lends you powers of manifestation and intent, powers that will serve your inner mission well.

Meaning of Soul Urge Number 22

The purpose of soul urge number 22 brings in the concepts and ideals of the master builder and merges them with your inner desires, forming the baseline motivation for your entire life.

You have big plans that are close to your heart, and you long for a project to sink your teeth into.

Thriving when bringing a creative vision into material reality, you have a strong connection with the process of moving ideas from the mind into the physical world.

It never gets old for you, whether it’s making a paper airplane or designing a suspension bridge.

That is why these people gravitate towards careers where they can realize their vision on a grander scale, such as diplomat, architect, artist, and poet amongst others.

They also tend always to have some side project on the go, never satisfied with the considerable amount of work they are already doing.

What Does Soul Urge Number 22 Mean For You?

The biggest project of the many that you will take on throughout your life is also the most important one.

Your desire for transformation from inert to active, useless to useful and dull to beautiful extends further than the horizon – but it also turns in on you.

The most exceptional project of transformation you will undertake will be your own.

You will spend your life working on yourself, developing skills and knowledge, and bettering yourself in every way you can.

All with the goal of empowering yourself to see your inner visions realized in the external world.

It means that you are innately, intensely driven to be your best self.

More than that, you feel the unquenchable need to achieve something with your life that will last longer than you do.

Your innermost will pines for a legacy to leave behind in the physical world once you are forced to leave it.

It fills you with the urgency, drive, and ambition to see your own true self realized.

And by bringing into material reality the creative vision that has been bestowed upon you, you move closer to the person you know you could be.