A soulmate is the most commonly used term for true love. Many people crave for this relationship. A soulmate is a person with whom you feel comfortable and happy.

There’s a sense of deep love as well. Any individual could have one or more than one soulmate in their life. Soulmates come into your life to perform a specific task.

When your soulmate is around, the universe starts to give you signals that there’s going to be a big change in your life. These signs are quite prominent and noticing them would help you to get ready for the upcoming relationship:

Dreams are the Biggest Signal:

In your dreams, your conscious mind isn’t playing any part, and your unconscious mind becomes the master. This part of the brain is more aware and can sense things happening before your conscious mind sees the evidence and believes it.

Many couples had reported dreaming about their soulmate long before they even met them. They also say that frequency of soulmate dreams increased when the time of union came near.

In soulmate dreams, people see a stranger, and they feel comfortable around them; these dreams also have some element of love and romance. Some people claim that they have seen their soulmate in the dream first and then they recognised them in real life.

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Other than that, many people continually see the place where they would meet their soulmate. Or, anything that belongs to the soulmate would appear in the dream again and again, like their cat, their pen, etc.

If you are having such dreams then your soulmate might be around. When you wake up from these dreams, you feel happy and contented.

Love is in the Air:

When your soulmate is about to enter your life, you see love everywhere. When you turn the radio on, your favourite love song is playing.

You see couples everywhere. On the bus, you overhear a successful story of lovebirds. It all comes naturally that you start to notice love and romance more in your surroundings.

Happiness Conquers All:

You feel happy for no reason. Everything appears beautiful. Flowers seem more attractive, people start to sense comfort around you, and you don’t feel bad for the adverse events in your life. Somehow, you know that everything is going to change.

You See Numbers: 111 or 1111:

The numbers 111 or 1111 appear now and then. When your soulmate gets closer, the appearance of these numbers increases. These numbers are the sign from the universe that something significant is going to happen; and in your case, you are about to meet your soulmate.

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This sign could appear like: when you see your watch, it is showing 1:11 or 11:11, your grocery bills turn out to be $11 or $111 or $11.1 or $11.11, your clock stops at 11:11, or there could be so many other examples.

If you see these numbers appearing, again and again, pay special attention to your surroundings. Your soulmate might be present right next to you, and you are unable to recognise him.