Starseed Characteristics and Signs

Starseed Characteristics and Signs you should know about

Have you ever felt like you could be different and from another planet than everyone else…if you had that thought then there is some truth to it. There is a group of people known as starseeds who feel a deep longing, feel lonely and foreign in this planet. In this article I will list the starseed characteristics and if you have most of them then you maybe a starseed. The starseeds on this planet experience loneliness and separateness which is a human condition, they also have a sense of being foreigners in our world. They just find the behavior and intentions of the society on earth confusing and illogical, these starseeds are very good at understanding hidden intentions even when they are young. Starseeds rarely become involved in organization of society like, politics, economics, health care and so on. Maybe this is sounding familiar to you.


starseed characteristics

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.

Most starseeds face amnesia of their identity, origins and their purpose, like anyone else here on earth. There is one ability which separates them is that starseeds have special genes that are encoded with a wake up call. They are designed to wake up at a pre-determined time in their life. The awakening varies between starseeds, it can be either gentle and gradual or to even sudden and dramatic. They change dramatically upon their memory coming back, which allows starseeds to consciously take up their mission and purpose here on earth. They feel a deeper connection to their higher self and are guided by their inner knowledge. Starseeds are comfortable with the idea of star ships, intergalactic travel and life forms on other galaxies. They find it normal. Here are some starseed characteristics

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10 Starseed Characteristics you Should Know

1. You feel like you were very ancient to your core, like you may have existed before.

2. You feel tired of being here and have that sense of simply wanting to go home.

3. You can some how feel what your home looks like even though you can’t describe it in a logical sense.


4. You always felt that you were unique as a child and there was no one like you. You always felt you were special or higher regardless of your social stature.

5. You had paranormal and psychic experiences, you saw ghost or other entities, seeing inter-dimensionally. You saw through the illusion and could read other peoples thoughts.

6. You are very empathic and sometimes its too much for you.

7. You feel your body functions differently than other people. It is more finely tuned and has a habit of reacting like none else’s.

8. You are very intelligent but not interested in any schools.

9. You always struggle to find what you want to do with your life because nothing on this planet make sense to you.


10. Alot of times you have trouble being in touch with your body or the limitations you have frustrate you.

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Starseed Characteristics Who and What We are

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