[lmt-post-modified-info]Have you ever felt like you could be from another place in the universe? Then these 15 starseed characteristics may soothe your soul. As a soul incarnate, you feel you don’t belong here, or even in this human body.

If you had that thought, then there is some truth to it, as there are others who feel the same way.

Starseed Characteristics

Along my journey of meeting many gifted souls, I have come across a group known as starseeds – who feel a deep longing to go home and feel lonely and foreign here.

They are non-compliant with society’s rules, and seem different from others and are cast aside by humanity. To some extend, I feel I am a starseed as well.Starseeds


As mentioned above, starseeds experience loneliness and separateness; they feel they are foreigners in our world.

The intention of humanity – They find the purposes of humanity confusing and illogical. Even from a young age, starseeds have the gift to see and understand hidden meanings.

So they rarely involve themselves in the organizations of society – politics, economics, health care mean very little to them. Maybe this is sounding familiar to you?


Every starseed is born with the amnesia of their identity, origin, and purpose. Therefore they feel confused and alone – which is the natural process to go through until they meet others like them.

Starseed Awakening

As starseeds learn more about themselves, a pre-determined wake-up call takes effect. The starseed awakening varies between individuals – it can be gentle and gradual or sudden and dramatic.


After The awakening, starseeds remember their mission and purpose. They form a deeper connection to their higher self – being guided by their inner knowledge.

Intergalactic travel

Starseeds are comfortable with the idea of starships, intergalactic travel, and life forms on other galaxies. They find it familiar.

Different Types of Starseed – Characteristics

There are many different types of starseeds; each have their mission and goal here – They also have their unique gifts and abilities.

Here are a few known starseeds here on Earth.

Pleiadian starseed

The Pleiadian starseeds originated from the planet Erra – located around the star Taygeta. They are 9th-dimensional beings; they look exactly like humans.

Sirian starseed

Sirians originate from the star system of Sirius in the constellation of Canis Major. They are the most elemental and mystical of all the starseeds.

Lyran starseed

Lyrans are an ancient race of starseeds; they have incarnated into other star systems like Arcturus and Pleiades. They have played a significant role in the creation of Earth.

Arcturian starseed

Arcturians are from Arcturus, an ancient star system located in the Bootes constellation. They are the oldest of the starseed types.

Andromedan starseed

This race of starseed is from our closest galaxy Andromeda. Andromedans seek nothing more than freedom and don’t like authority.

10 Starseed Characteristics And Gifts

Here are the starseed characteristics you can recognize.


You feel like you were very ancient to your core like you have existed before.

Wanting to go home

Feeling tired of being here and want to go home.

You can feel it

You can somehow feel what your home looks like even though you can’t describe it in a logical sense.


You always thought that you were unique as a child, and there was no one like you. You always felt you were unique or higher regardless of your social stature.

Psychic experiences

You had paranormal and psychic experiences  –  saw a ghost or other entities. You can see through the illusion and can read other people’s thoughts.


You are very empathic, and sometimes it is too much for you.


You feel your body functions differently than other people. It is more finely tuned and has a habit of reacting like no one else’s.


You are knowledgeable but not interested in any schools.

The struggle

You always struggle to find what you want to do with your life because nothing on this planet makes sense to you.


A lot of times, you have trouble being in touch with your body or the limitations you have, frustrate you.

Starseed Physical Appearance

Although they chose the human body for their incarnation and go through all the stages of birth, they appear entirely different when they stand together with other earth dwellers.

Starseed physical characteristics are unique. Let’s start with the Starseed physical appearance:

Starseed Eyes: Starseeds are old and wise souls, and their eyes depict that. They have eyes of the keen observer who can even see the minute details.

As they are highly intelligent, their eyes show wisdom. Usually, they have large and magnetic eyes; but some could have small eyes as well having different shapes and colors.

But one thing is for sure when you look in their eyes, you see curiosity and depth as they know the unknown.

Starseed Faces: Usually, starseeds have long and thin faces – but again, it is not true for all. Their necks are also thin and long.

There’s much talk about their skull, and it can be elongated. That’s true in many cases because their skull has to enclose a larger brain than others.

Many starseeds have a beautiful look on their faces, but some might scare you with their sharp look. Some may even look like elves with pointy ears.

Starseed Bodies: They are mostly tall with thin bodies. They don’t overeat and remain slim throughout their lives.

However, that’s not true for all; and as starseeds require time to recognize their origin, they may overeat and become fat.

Starseed Physical Characteristics

  • Highly sensitive to hot or cold.
  • Strong body irrespective of the shape.
  • High tolerance for pain or no easiness at all during pain.
  • Issues with artificial bright lights – sunlight seems to be most comforting.
  • High immunity; they don’t fall ill often.
  • During any disease, their recovering ability is pretty strong.
  • Sturdy physical as well as inner strength.
  • The tendency to bruise without even knowing the cause of the bruising.
  • Prominent birthmarks that seem unusual because of its shape, pattern, and design.
  • Extreme love for nature including love for plants and animals.
  • High sensitivity towards extreme noise and sounds – better hearing ability than others.
  • Attractiveness towards willow trees or any other unique tree.
  • Hearing sounds of unknown frequencies is quite common that comes with tingling sensations and head pressure.
  • Blond hair mostly, or any color hair with a bit of red color.
  • Sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and any particular medicine, but high tolerance could also be present.
  • Night owls: stay up more than the average person and find peace at night.
  • The peaceful feeling of clarity and solitude when the night’s sky is filled with stars.
  • If asleep, then an unknown urge wakes them up around 3 a.m.
  • Body aches and extreme fatigue are common due to energy shifts.

Not all of these starseed physical characteristics are present at the same time. There are episodes of symptoms that come and go on their own. But these traits make them who they are.

Which of these starseed characteristics do you recognize?