[lmt-post-modified-info]What are starseeds you may ask, and could you be one? Starseeds are galactic souls planted on Earth from other realms.

They mostly incarnate here with human parents and usually find their path as they grow.

Occasionally, a starseed will find themselves transplanted into a human body on Earth, living life in real HD3D.

It can be just as confusing to them as to everyone else as to why they feel so displaced.

We know that if you are reading this, you probably already understand reincarnation, incarnation, and soul swapping.

Starseeds have incarnated in human bodies for decades. They have been incarnating since the indigos; in the 70’s, this is not a new trend.

And like the indigos, a substantial amount of them have arrived. They have come from all over the galaxy to be here for this Golden Age.

The possibilities are quite grand if you believe in the theory of the bubble universe.

Starseed Types

Starseeds are making universal waves and are affecting and changing the future of our planet.

They are the lightworkers leading the way for humanity. Their purpose is to heal and lead Earth and her inhabitants to a higher way of living.

The task at hand is not all sunshine and candyfloss. Bringing Mother Earth into a place of healing took some time, but it looks to have commenced.

When starseeds connect to their cause, they are beautiful and soulful beings and empathic to the core. Each seed with their gifts and abilities are happiest when they can be of service.

If you were to meet one who was living in their wisdom, they could easily feel your soul and luxuriate you in a warm embrace.

These are those who can reach right in and pull out your most shameful confession—cleansing you and unblocking lifetimes of guilt and negative cycles.

However, when they are blocked and confused themselves, they tend to keep to a tiny circle of confidants.

Many Starseeds live online; to them, the physical world is often not a place they have mastered.

The seeds find material goals hard to achieve. It is not that they don’t want to be successful, it is they have little drive to manifest anything in the 3D world.

If a seed finds Earth too hard and unwelcoming, they usually want to check out entirely.

Which Starseed Are you?

Could you be a Lyran starseed? Who are wise and gracious. Or perhaps you are a Pleiadian starseed? Beautiful, kind, and sensitive.

You can tell which type of Starseed you are by matching the characteristics.

And to make it easier for you, we have listed the most common Starseed types and their characteristics.

Tip: Another way to find out which starseed you are is by taking this quiz here.

The first Starseed characteristic on our list is our closest neighbors, the Andromedan Starseeds.

Andromedan Starseed Characteristics

Andromedan Starseeds are freedom seekers with an eye for adventure and discovery. The idea of multi-experience in a career is quite appealing to them.

So with that notion in mind, it permits them to change jobs frequently. They don’t like staying in one particular place either, so they change homes too.

You see, the consciousness of the Andromedan Starseed is quite multidimensional; they love to shift into different realities. Andromedans want to see another perspective in life, and it’s this gift that allows them to aid others better.

They could be a mentor, a muse, the master, or find more value in being the student. Whatever it takes to experience as much as they can.

Their lesson is that life is never rigid; it’s never one way or the other.

Most Andromedan starseeds are healers and teachers too, so they have much to offer on the spiritual pathway.

  • Andomedans Seek freedom.
  • They need to understand and see another perspective.
  • Andromedan Starseeds are mostly healers or teachers.
  • They love to experience many realities.
  • Andromedans find routine activities annoying.

Arcturian Starseed Characteristics

Next up is the Arcturian Starseeds, and they are the most ancient of all the Starseeds. Aurcturians have vast knowledge about the universe and know how it works from a scientific and spiritual perspective.

Artcurians are capable of experiencing all the dimensions possible, yet no one knows what form or shape they are, but what we do know is that they are a being of energy even in the physical reality.

Although incarnating into a human body imposes many difficulties for them, they seem to overcome it with their vast knowledge.

Arcturian starseeds exhibit a look of strength and mental power, which they use purposely to complete their task in life. They are seekers of knowledge and will overcome any challenge to attain it.

Spiritually Arcturians have much to offer, as they are a peaceful group.

  • They are strong and use their knowledge from within.
  • Arcturians are very spiritual.
  • They are very imaginative.
  • Have a great sense of humor.
  • They love to Travel.

Sirian Starseed Characteristics

The early Sirians were more of a warrior race connected to nature; since then, they have advanced into technology. The technology they use does not harm nature.

Think of someone like Nikola Tesla; for instance, his connection with Sirians has allowed many technological advancements that coexist with nature.

Even in their incarnated human form, Sirian Starseeds are very focused and determined, yet they still have their warrior-like attitude and value honesty and integrity above all.

Spiritually Sirians believe in the laws of harmony. Living in harmony with every being and creation, and doing it with goodness in your heart is the Sirian way.

However, on Earth, in their incarnated form, they seem to be unhappy. They are not liking the state of nature and are not impressed with the feudal technology.

So it’s tough to become friends with a Sirian unless you understand their concern and gain their trust first.

  • Natural leaders.
  • They love nature.
  • They don’t like dishonest people.
  • Fond of technology.

Pleiadian Starseed Characteristics

The Pleiadian starseeds are 9th-dimensional beings. They are more human than alien, yet their physical appearance is more symmetrical with big blue eyes and blond hair.

They are empathic and seek their freedom in nature; as an example, you could think of how elves live in harmony with the natural world.

Even though they appear beautiful in a physical sense, they are never vain and understand empathy more.

Their empathic nature allows them to understand the world better. Pleiadians connect with the natural world quite easily, for instance, they understand the beauty of animals and their roles on Earth.

The Pleiadian attitude is to work in harmony with everyone and do it in a peaceful way. Their energy is pleasant and gentle because they want everyone to be happy and at peace.

They can express their emotions well, yet, they also have the ability to absorb negative emotions like anger and stress too.

They are the peacemakers of any problematic situation, so it explains why they like to retreat to nature and recharge their energy.

  • Kind and sensitive.
  • They make others happy.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Everyone enjoys their company.
  • They are very submissive sometimes.

Lyran Starseed Characteristicsstarseed types

Lyran Starseeds are fourth-dimensional beings. They had the perfect lifestyle in their home planet, but on Earth, they are quite different.

What makes them different here? You see, Earth has evolved quite differently than what they had hoped for. Lyran’s home planet is more natural and bound by nature’s energy.

The Lyrans created Earth with the hope that it will become a place of peace and serenity. Unfortunately, tragic events have occurred throughout Earth’s history, mainly war.

No one knows what the Lyrans feel about Earth now. Maybe its disappointment, in spite of the events Lyrans are fierce leaders and know that they can change things.

Lyran Starseeds have a close connection with Pleiadians and Sirians too. Many of them have families with Pleiadians and Cygnus Starseeds.

So it’s natural to feel that you are Pleiadian but also Lyran. You can be both.

Physically Lyran’s look like cats, but they look more human too. Since their connection with the Pleiadians. Their appearance has evolved into a hybrid of both.

  • Highly energetic.
  • Quiet leaders.
  • They love adventure and are very physical.
  • Strong emotions.
  • Good at finding solutions to a problem.
  • They often have green eyes.

Cygnus Starseed Characteristicsstarseed types

The Cygnus Starseeds are not very common, and most have incarnated on Earth to learn. The place where Cygnians are from is very beautiful, and its a place of peace.

Cygnians have come to Earth to learn because they don’t have much to learn on their home planet. They want to learn through hardship and find Earth interesting.

Most Cygnians are wealthy and know how to live that lifestyle, yet they know very little about hardship or people who go through tough times.

They are keen to help others, so they choose professions like doctors and lawyers, and some choose humanitarian roles.

Cygnians are very quiet and don’t like to talk much, but they are great listeners. They might come off as not interested in what others have to say, but deep inside, they care a lot.

Cygnus Starseeds understand numbers well and are technical about it. They have a keen interest in technology because it’s their specialty.

They like things that are technical and hard to figure out, so their knowledge about numbers is quite handy.

Most of the time, they are humble and patient. They don’t seem to overreact to a stressful situation, but instead, they calmly analyze it.

It’s one of the reasons why Cygnians are very successful; besides, it’s never their style to rush into things.

Cygnians know patience is the key to developing a beautiful world because they have done it before, and they can achieve it again.

Cygnus Starseeds are still a mystery to everyone, and there is much to learn from them.

  • Learners.
  • Quiet but good listeners.
  • Highly technical.
  • Dutiful.
  • Family oriented.
  • Very patient.
  • Graceful, elegant bodies.

Final Verdictstarseed types

Starseeds are quite an interesting bunch, and even though you might fall into any of these types of starseed. You should know that you are unique as well.

You could fall into many categories, and I recommend that you listen to your intuition. The clues are where your energy connects with each description.

The one thing we wish to leave you with is this: It does not matter where you came from, nor does it matter that you are of starseed origin.

You are here, on Earth, for a reason, and here to be part of something bigger than yourself; you belong; there is no mistake. Hold your head high, take a deep breath, and know that Earth is grateful for your attendance.

May you find joy and fulfillment in your journey and your quest.



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