Telepathy is mental sorcery. It enables two lovers, who share a soul connection, to tap into each other’s subconscious, and share thoughts and alter moods.

Have you ever stumbled across someone who you’ve felt an instant psychic connection with? A connection that you can’t explain, and yet it’s more tangible and real than anything you’ve ever felt in your life.

Well, then you’ve had the honour of being telepathically connected to someone.

Signs of telepathic communication between Lovers

The Ability to know each other’s thoughts

Without inquiring, or feeling the need to explain, when lovers know what’s going through their minds, they have mastered the art of telepathy.

Their loving bond is so strong that nothing between them remains a secret. Their consciousness aligns to such a godly extent that it sparks an emotional intimacy of the highest level.

The Ability to Alter Each Other’s Moods

Sometimes, your day is going perfectly fine, but out of the blue, you feel out-of-sorts. You feel as if a wave of depression and nothingness has knocked you off your feet.

Your lover might be culpable for such an abrupt change of mood. A lover can transfer his/her feelings of joy, sadness or happiness to his/her better half through telepathy.

The Ability to See Through

In this world, everyone shuns our mental states. They are unable to tatter our emotional defences.

They fail to see through our broken hearts and dispirited minds. But telepathic lovers can read us as if we’re an open book. They can tell when we’re lost, anxious or seek a warm hug.

Comfortable Silence

There are many kinds of silence, comfortable, awkward and monotonous. Telepathic lovers breed the kind of silence that radiates positive vibes.

When they’re together, alone in an empty room, they make love to each other through their comfortable silence. It’s truly magical how telepathy can amplify love.

Are we telepathically connected?

Everyone possesses the ability to communicate telepathically. But it requires a strong intuitive mind, pure intentions and a higher vibration.

Why do you think only lovers have this exceptional ability to create a formidable telepathic bond? It is because their feelings for each other are sincere and not marred by envy and dishonesty. Their love has no ulterior motive.

So, if you want to know if you’re telepathically communicated, ask yourself ? is your love superficial or spiritual? Is its survival solely dependent on lust or not?

Telepathic communication demands love in its purest form. Emotional inconsistencies and insecurities lay waste to its foundations.

The only way to find true love in life is to tend to our spiritual growth. Love is everywhere, but most of us are hesitant to accept it because we’re spiritually lacking.

We don’t deem ourselves worthy enough for love. Maybe it’s because of childhood trauma or fear of rejection.

Whatever the reasons are, we have to face our inner demons, subdue them and muster the courage to accept love from all sources. It’s the only viable path that can lead us to telepathy.

Signs of telepathic communication

Emotions are easily perceived

You have the ability to perceive the mental states of your significant other with ease.

If they’re going through a rough time in life, you are unable to resist the urge to reach out to them and help them.

It’s because your sense of telepathy is too strong, to let them just rot in their miserable wretchedness.

A deep-seated Spiritual Connection

You have this spiritual connection with everything around you, from animals to human beings. You can sense positive and negative vibes instantly.

If you’re under the influence of a manipulative person, it won’t take you long to break free from their grip and figure out their Machiavellian plots.

Similarly, if you’re under the blessed presence of a beautiful soul, you’ll cling on to them as if your life depends on it.

Vivid and Recurring Dreams

Some people communicate through their dreams. Our dreams show us a mystic world that is invisible to the naked eye.

Some dreams are brought to you courtesy telepathy. And those are the dreams that need to be interpreted because they carry in them important messages about the past, present and the future. So, if you have vivid recurring dreams, you’re a telepathic communicator.

Strong Intuition

One of the most apparent signs of strong telepathy is a strong sense of intuition.

If your gut instinct and wild hunches often materialise into reality, you’re most definitely a user of telepathy.

Telepathic communication between soulmates

Nothing can supersede true love. No power can replace its primacy as the most valuable human emotional of all. The bond that two soul mates share forms at the very core of their hearts.

And it brings forth mutual understanding and acceptance of the highest level.

But how does such an amazing understanding develop? The answer is telepathy. Telepathic communication between soul mates is mental sex.

It edges them closer to each other until there’s not a single centimetre of distance left between their souls.

Signs of Telepathic communication between soulmates

Non-Verbal Communication

As mentioned above, telepathy has its own language. It’s not sign language, and it doesn’t require any words or gesticulation either.

You can spend hours with your soul mate without uttering a word, and yet remain thoroughly engrossed in their loving presence.

Soul Synchronicity

Not only is telepathy a mental connection, but it is also a soul connection. It aligns the souls of two soulmates at the deepest level, synchronising their interests, passions and future paths.

This lays the groundwork for emotional as well as physical intimacy.


Telepathy makes everything seem natural, from silence to erudite conversations. When you’re around other people, you might feel bored or out-of-place, but when you’re with your soulmate, everything seems just like it’s supposed to be. It’s like you belong with them.

They’re your home when the whole world looks like unfamiliar territory.

Spiritual Growth

The people we love influence us the most. They inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

When there is telepathy between hearts, spiritual betterment ensues. Love exhorts us to better ourselves for our lover.