Signs of telepathic communication are undeniable. Many doubt the ability to use telepathic powers, but that’s far from the truth.

Everyone has some form of telepathic power, but their level of ability is different. Telepathy is the ability to communicate using your mind.

You don’t require your perceptual senses to communicate telepathically.

People develop a telepathic bond with their close loved ones, but if you are powerful enough, you can communicate telepathically with strangers as well.

Here are top 10 signs of telepathic communication:

Perceive the positive or negative

You can immediately perceive the positive or negative reaction of the person you are talking to, even when they try their best to hide it.

Walking lie detector

You are a walking lie detector; you could easily tell when a person has lied to you, and they feel smug about it.

It’s not an instinct – it happens because you could see what’s going on in their mind.

Know the truth

When you are with someone, you know when they are misguiding you. You can tell their mistruths.

People might think that they have fooled you, but you could sense what is happening.

Intercept conversations

During a conversation, you can hear what they are saying to you even though they have stopped talking.

The more you believe in catching the thought, the more you will develop the power.

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Sense danger

When your loved one or friend is in danger, you could instantly sense that something is wrong. If you get this feeling, call them if you could.

Not only bad times, but you could sense their happiness as well. When they are having extreme fun, you know it.

Communicate with your mind

You could successfully send a telepathic message to someone. Like when you enter a room, and intentionally say ‘hi’ to someone in your mind, that particular person looks at you even when you don’t use words.

By practising this ability more, you could get better.

Sense negative energy

When someone sends you negative energy, you could feel it. If someone is envious, you could perceive the message that they don’t want to be around you or wish to harm you.

Sense energy attacks

You could sense the psychic attack as well; the energy shift around you is highly evident. Whether the attack is weak or strong, you know what is happening.

Sense emotions

When you are with your partner, you communicate telepathically. All the emotions of your partner are in front of you even when they don’t want to share it.

Read Minds

You receive random comments in the public that come out of nowhere, like “someone is looking handsome today”, “this shirt colour is not good”, etc. and when you look around,*- there is someone who is staring at you and they look away when you notice them.

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It is a sign that you have read what is going on in their mind.