Telepathic connection between lovers is real. It is a two-sided communication that consists of sending and receiving messages.

It requires high energy to break the psychic shield of a person to penetrate their thoughts. Two lovers in a relationship often nurture the mind and soul enough to provide the necessary power to communicate telepathically.

Telepathic communication is the communication of minds in which no words are needed. The closeness of two lovers also brings their spirit and heart closer.

It has been proven scientifically that when two people are genuinely in love, their heartbeats synchronise, their hearts are beating at the same pace with a similar frequency.

Same happens with their minds. Their minds trust each other and silently communicate.

Many lovers don’t know that they are communicating telepathically. Important messages are sent and received on both ends without taking consent from the lovers.

Telepathic Connection Between Lovers | 5 signs

Telepathic communication occurs in the form of desires, feelings, and images. Here are the signs of telepathic communication between lovers:

1. Knowing The Feelings Without Telling

Many couples claim that they know what their partner feels even without using words. It is the most common form of telepathic connection that lovers don’t realise they had.

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They know the exact feeling of the other because their minds have conveyed it to each other. You can even tell the feeling of others when you are not good at reading faces.

2. Sensing the Danger

Whether near or far, minds can communicate from a great distance. When one person can sense when their counterpart is in trouble, it is the form of telepathic connection.

When mind detects danger it doesn’t only warn the body, but the partner as well. The warning is received in the form of telepathic signals and lovers know when their loved one is in trouble.

3. Having Same Thought at the Same Time

“I was exactly going to say the same thing”, have you ever said this sentence to your lover? If yes, then there’s a telepathic connection between you too.

As minds are connected, they collected the idea even before you say it loud. If your lover is faster than you, then they will announce it earlier than you do and you will leave thinking that I was thinking the same thing.

4. Knowledge of Untold Things

Many times, lovers don’t have time to share the exact details. But if your guess about your lover’s thing is right, then it means that your minds are communicating.

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The answer in your lover’s head has been perceived by you telepathically, that is why you know the things that your lover hasn’t told you before.

5. True Dreams

Last night, you saw a dream that your lover had a backache, and in the morning your lover said that they couldn’t sleep because of the severe pain in their back. Moments like these show that there’s a strong telepathic connection between you two.

The mind of your lover has communicated with your mind about the problem, and you received the information in your sleep, that’s why it appeared in your dream.

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