If you are born on the 17th of any month or have 8 as your life path number, then you have the expression of abundance and power.

17 Meaning

The number 17 is what I refer to as the immortality number. With the power of this number, you leave behind a legacy—to your family, the community, or the greater world.

Because of this you are intrigued and attracted to live a lifestyle of exploration and invention.

You want to make visible the hidden secrets you have discovered about the universe.

You are gifted great power allowing you to create a greater understanding of the need for love and peace for all humanity.

Number 17 Meaning And Symbolism

To understand the number 17, we have to reduce it to the number 8 as is the rule of numerology. 17 is seen by the universe and vibrates at its core frequency as number 8.

So, what does number 8 encompass in relation to human vibration when it originated from number 17?

17/8 Life Path Meaning

When you add 1+7, you get the primary number 8.

If you look at the number 8 carefully, it looks like the infinity symbol—representing eternal life. 8 is the only number besides 0 you can draw repeatedly without lifting the pen.

Number 8 represents two windows above and below—one above, giving you a vision of the spiritual and the one below relating to the material.

Thus, number 8 is about creating visions directly from your soul and materializing them into goods, you can exchange for money.

8 signifies the exchange of energy for money. The association with number 8 is business. So in that vibration, you create a vision(spirit) to create a product or service(matter) to put into the world in return for money.

This is one of the core spiritual and human exchanges for life.

It is necessary to see both the material and spiritual realms to experience fulfillment and abundance.

Focused On Money

The money would be the focus for the 8 person. Whether they have it or not. However, 8’s will have experience of both.

Only once their soul is free to manifest from spirit, and only then are they ready to have dreams of lasting abundance and fulfillment.

Often 8’s end up being teachers of spiritual, manifestation, or financial laws.


The 8 person is meant to lead in some way. They don’t need to be a success in the business or financial world.

They just need to be in an environment where they can inspire others to greater heights with their grand vision.

From what I mentioned before, 8 also signifies that 8 people are like batteries that never seem to run out of energy.

At the same time, you are quite flexible as an 8 and have excellent organization skills.

Your inherent patience and intellect make it possible for you to excel in something.

As an 8, you are born to take on responsibilities. That’s what your soul desires.

So it’s quite rare for an 8 to be careless and lacking in empathy —8’s pride themselves on living up to the grandest expectations.

They are legendary for their reliability and their warmth.

8’s want to maintain a confident self-image that’s influential, which fits their leadership role.

They consider how other people feel about them, regarding their achievements and dreams, and enjoy their compliments privately.

Significance Of 17

The 8 people also represent justice and honor—reflected in the infinity symbol. They have a knack for knowing what is true and ethical.

They represent honor, impartiality, and dignity in everything they do or say. So they like to tangle with important and influential people— a group they typically belong to.

As an 8, you need to share information and resources with others in a philanthropic way.

When you are positively aligned, you can materialize anything.

You have a gift of turning your visions(spirit) into reality(matter), and it’s quite magical how you do it.

You do co-operate well, and your persistent nature(courage) allows you to accomplish anything you set your mind to, especially when working with others.

As an 8 person, you are highly ambitious, you love challenges, and you strive to be the best you can.

You have both inspiration and originality. So long as you create something that fulfills you on the soul level.

By practically combining your multiple talents, then you are sure to succeed.

You can be a positive shift for others in a practical way as well.

Friends And Family

As a friend, you are loyal and dedicated, and sweet to those you trust and care for deeply.

However, since you always display a sense of strength, you can, at times, feel lonely or need a desire to be loved and cherished.

If a dear family member ever needed you for anything, you would rush to them—no questions asked.

Number 17/8’s Are Attracted To Quality

As a number 17/8, you are only attracted to quality, and you don’t see yourself buying second-hand goods or clothing.

You want only the best and will always wait to secure something of the highest quality in favor of a cheaper version.

This is because you are aligned with the vibration of longevity.

17 Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

The number 17 also refers to the Star of Magi, that’s according to the ancient Chaldeans. The star of Magi is the image of peace and love.

It’s a deeply spiritual number. Often people with this number in their soul blueprint will struggle in their early life.

But they often overcome it later on and align with peace and love.

You are referred to as the true spiritual survivor because you are strong mentally.

The Shadow Side Of Number 17

When you are out of alignment, you will only receive the expression of the shadow side of number 17. So watch out for these signs:

Your challenge in life is to achieve a high degree of detachment, to understand that power and influence are only to be used for the benefit of uplifting others.

You may become stubborn and pessimistic and lose your faith in the world because you don’t like where it’s heading.

These doubts create superficial qualities that have no meaning in the world and not in the universe’s natural ever-expanding and infinite nature.

Challenges Of Number 17/8

If you are a number 17/8 and are out of alignment, then it’s quite the opposite of when you are in alignment.

However, it’s okay to be sometimes out of alignment. Because only then can you learn the greater lesson the universe is trying to teach you.

17/8 out of alignment is selfish, worldly, and quite forceful—or succumbs to passive and powerless behavior.

Their want for success can outweigh their longing for happiness. So, as a 17, you have to pay attention to your heart.

If you feel there is loneliness, then there is a longing for something that’s missing.

As a 17/8, you should not be afraid of pursuing happiness with the same passion and drive as your divine mission.

17’s demand a lot of themselves and transfer that excellence onto others, although it’s not entirely a negative trait.

However, it can become a negative one when they demand too much from others or judge them when they don’t measure up.

When you are out of alignment, you take your ambitious drive too far energetically.

You end up working many hours without taking a break to achieve your goal or even stop to smell the roses.

You don’t allow yourself to enjoy anything else along the journey you are taking.

Eventually, when you do attain your goal, you don’t stop to enjoy the beauty you have created; instead, you move onto the next goal.

This level of drive and success slowly becomes meaningless because you don’t enjoy the peace and serenity of your creation, which eventually leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

However, your dedication to your vision and drive is deserving as long as you pay attention when you feel restless or when something is missing.

If not, you might react because you did not take the necessary steps to rest when it’s deserving and, it may even lead to health problems later on.

So, guard against being stubborn, vindictive, and egotistical because you need to remember who you are at the soul level— a master visionary and creative force.