The twin flame relationship is like a rocky boat, lapping back and forth in rough waters.

One twin flame runs, while the other chases.

But, what makes things even more difficult and unbearable is the mind-baffling phenomenon of the “silent treatment.”

In its wake, you are left with the horrible misery of isolation.

Your twin flame blocks you on Social Media, refuses to meet you for dinner, and generally just rips you apart from their life.

So, what is Silent Treatment?

Typically, the silent treatment is self-explanatory.

In an ordinary relationship, it’s when one partner completely ignores the existence of their partner.

A visual example of this is when a partner is sipping their soup or watching TV, and their lover is trying to divert their attention towards them, but they hardly furnish a response.

At best, a skirting “hm” or a tepid half-nod is reciprocated.

However, in a twin flame relationship, the silent treatment isn’t as straightforward.

There are never long, protracted sequences of non-verbal punishment.

Even during the separation period (the chaser and runner phase), communication is never completely cut off.

Twin flames still have “twin flame telepathy” that enables them to communicate subconsciously, even without their knowledge.

This is mainly because a twin flame relationship isn’t your run-of-the-mill relationship.

It’s a 5D connection transcending the earthly concept of ego — a union between souls having the potential to raise the vibration of the universe.

Materialistic 3D concepts have no power on these kinds of associations.

Second-guessing your twin flame’s behavior based on these “worldly” concepts isn’t going to lend you the right idea.

So, where do you find the answers?

How do you break through this nerve-wracking silent treatment?

How do you identify its mysterious patterns?

What is your best course of action?

To find the important answers, first, we have to understand why a twin flame condemns us to the horrible punishment of silent treatment, to begin with.

Why is Your Twin Flame Punishing you with Silent Treatment? Twin flame silence

The twin flame relationship is a complex maze.

You have to deal with two contrasting dynamics: the psyche of the runner and the chaser.

As the chaser, you’re bound with the desperation to reunite with your runner.

On the other hand, the runner is battling with their own abandonment and commitment issues, and a slew of other emotions they haven’t yet resolved.

You can try to coax, or even go as far as forcing them to communicate, but it’s not going to translate into anything.

The fact of the matter is they themselves don’t understand the nuts and bolts of their emotions.

They don’t know how to confront and accept their demons and therefore live in constant fear of their insecurities and traumas.

This makes them act erratically and irresponsibly.

You have to realize that no twin flame journey is the same.

Each one has its own sufferings and difficulties and patterns of resolution.

However, there are some steps you can take to improve your chances of dealing with your twin flame’s silent treatment.

How to Tackle a Twin Flame’s Silent Treatment?Twin flame silent treatment

Verify the Twin Flame Connection Is Real.

First, you have to make sure the connection you share with your partner is, in fact, a twin flame connection.

There’s no point in pursuing someone who’s not meant for you.

Some people stay stuck in toxic relationships just because they think their lover is “the one.”

This puts them at a dangerous disadvantage.

Consequently, they continue to endure all kinds of emotional abuse for all the wrong reasons.

Verifying whether the twin flame connection’s authenticity is not an easy thing. However, a twin flame reading can help in this regard.

There’s so much emotional turmoil twin flames undergo that sometimes they need a heightened understanding of their conditions.

As an alternative, you can even use your intuition to identify the most prominent signs of a twin flame relationship.

Can you physically reach out to your twin flame, transcending barriers of time and space?

Do you feel like you’ve always known them, even though you’ve only met a couple of times?

Do you have this intense perpetual energy in your love that refuses to fade, despite the constant conflict in your relationship?

If so, you probably have a twin flame agreement.

Understand That the Silent Treatment Is A Blessing in DisguiseTwin flame silent treatment

No one likes being ignored. However, you need to realize that a twin flame’s silence serves a purpose.

Ever heard that silence is the language of the universe?

Well, it’s true. Through silence, the universe suppresses the ego and increases the intensity of pain.

Consequently, pain makes us confront our emotional insecurities.

It starts the healing process so we can understand the things that wound our insides.

When you give your twin flame the time to process their suffering, they will realize that things get worse for them in your absence.

They will come to terms with the fact that running away doesn’t help.

And they have to deal with what the universe is holding them accountable for.

They need to “hear” the cries of their soul.

Perhaps they had a string of “failed relationships that plagued them with trust issues.

Or they were abandoned at birth.

Whatever the reasons, they need the silent treatment to “heal” themselves.

You have to realize that the silent treatment isn’t directed towards you — it’s actually a bitter medicine they have to take for their own betterment.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Accepting that the silent treatment is a necessity to heal your twin flame relationship.

However, one thing that always helps is seeing the world from your partner’s perspective — it’s the hallmark of a truly empathetic person.

You have to find it in your heart to accept that the person you’re going to spend eternity with is going through a terrible time.

They have had a distressing past, and they won’t merely “get over stuff.”

They will need your support, even though it’s from afar.

Most importantly, they will require assurance that once they deal with their fears, they will have you waiting on the other side.