Use these powerful Twin Flame crystals to help strengthen your love connection.

Crystal healing has grown in popularity in recent years due to the increase in enlightened thought around the globe.

With so many different gems and stones available and a list of uses as long as your arm for each one, knowing the right type to get for your specific needs can be a challenge, to say the least.

While there are many that can be used, only a few can give you the best results.

That’s why we have put together a list of the 7 most powerful crystals and gemstones that you can use to strengthen your Twin Flame relationship.


Tourmaline comes in a few different varieties, each with its own unique properties.

The important types for us are black, pink, and green – and so-called Watermelon Tourmaline, which is a mixture of both pink and green.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protection stones available.

Use it to help guard against outside forces trying to interfere in your relationship, like jealous “friends” or people who disapprove of you being together.

Pink and Green Tourmaline are both great gemstones that target the Heart Chakra, spreading love and joy through your system and granting you peace and balance.

The more rare Watermelon Tourmaline, which is a mixture of the pink and green varieties, is a perfect choice for nurturing a young relationship.


Kunzite is an emotional stone that is perfect if you are experiencing a period of separation.

It is most often used to help deal with heartbreak and loss.

This crystal links your Heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakras in the same healing ritual, addressing emotions, perception, and connection in one holistic swoop.

This makes it perfect for relationship problems as emotions and perception are the prime causes of conflict between partners.

A ritual using Kunzite could unite these concerns and relate them to each other in a way that helps you deal with all of them at once.

It is better than tackling the problem piecemeal as it takes the relationship between them into account.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the Love Stone, with many in the crystal healing community also referring to it as the Heart Stone.

This gem encourages unconditional love and balance in relationships, working through the Heart Chakra to remind you both of the strong emotional bonds between you.

You can think of this as your go-to stone for love rituals and relationship healing.

There isn’t much it can’t help to address – though if your problem is more specific then another stone might do the job a little bit better.

Nevertheless, no crystal collection is complete without some Rose Quartz.

It is useful for so many applications that if you only get one healing gem it should be this one.


If your relationship has grown a bit cold recently and you are looking to bring the passion back then Rhodochrosite is the crystal for you.

It perfectly marries the physical and the spiritual to provide a holistic boost of energy.

It is also the right choice if one of you is suffering from poor physical health.

It helps to regulate the heartbeat and the flow of blood around the body while also bringing your mood up and instilling a positive outlook.

There is a strong link between physical, mental and spiritual health.

We often neglect the physical when we discuss crystal healing techniques, so it’s a good idea to have something for your body as well as your soul.


Has your relationship been affected by unfaithfulness or jealousy? Emerald could be the healing crystal for you.

This green stone targets the Heart Chakra and encourages unity and unconditional love.

It is also a powerful psychic enhancer, strengthening your power to connect with each other on an emotional and telepathic level.

This can do wonders in helping to restore trust after jealousy, unfaithfulness or paranoia.

Every relationship faces these problems at some point or another, so it is a good idea to have an emerald gemstone around just in case.


Aventurine is a great all-round healing stone that can target any area of your energy system.

The green variety is particularly good at healing the Heart Chakra.

The reason this is a great Twin Flame crystal is that it helps to balance male and female energies.

When one of you starts to dominate the relationship a bit too much, a ritual involving Aventurine can help to restore balance, which is of absolute importance.

It can also help to even things out during times of emotional turbulence as it evokes a sense of calm and inner peace.


No crystal is more associated with love in the minds of the people than the Diamond.

It is the strongest of the cleansing stones and evokes purity and positive energy however it is used.

It is no accident that diamonds are the most popular gems for engagement rings.

Whereas other stones on this list are primarily targeted at the heart, diamonds are actually meant for cleansing negativity from your aura.

It is important to stay clear of negative energy because it can compound on itself.

Because you share energy with each other, a little bit of negative energy for one of you could grow, weighing down both of your auras as it spreads.

Use a diamond as your Twin Flame crystal in a ritual to help cleanse your relationship and shrug off baggage from the past.

Of course, buying a diamond can be very expensive.

If you already have an engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry from your partner then this is the perfect one to use as it already contains your unique love energy.