Twin Flame Marriage of Souls

Twin Flame Marriage, The Union of Souls

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The Twin Flame Marriage

Twin flame marriage, or the perfect love is born out of the unique white fire. You are created within the central sun, which has the highest concentration of the pure spirit in the universe. The source takes the void and it creates… and what comes out if is two spheres of light. And each of these spheres looks like the casual body.


Originating from these spheres is matter, then the souls would come forth which are counterpart of spirit spheres. These are called twin flames because they from the original single void. The presence of these unique soul is the exact duplicate of each other. As the souls are born into a physical body, one can assume the positive or negative, either masculine or feminine.

You and your twin flame have a unique blue print. You have it in your soul and spirit. You have the divine image which you are made of. And no one in the cosmos can claim your oneness as you were only born once.

The Twin Flame Marriage and Soul Signature

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Twin Flame Soul Signature

So I believe twin flame is not a concept. The sacred twin flame marriage is the divine truth of creation. It is naturally always referred to as the twin flame reunion, which describes the reunion of the one soul for the earth experience. Since twin flames share the same frequency of soul vibration, so they are referred to as the tonal mates.

To know exactly what twin flames are, is to understand creation. How you were created by divine source. Each and everyone one of you is a twin flame and has a twin flame in the knowledge of this one soul awareness. This is how we are created as souls by the divine source, for us to experience duality on planet earth, either with the masculine charge or the feminine charge of the one soul.

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In this creation we all have potential to attract our twin flame to us, because we have the same frequency of soul signature. Your frequency is very unique just like snow flakes, there is no one else in the entire universe who shares that uniqueness except your twin flame. So many are attracting their twin flame at this time on planet earth, in conscious spiritual and soul awareness.



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