[lmt-post-modified-info]Twin Flames are mirrors of two similar souls. They are from the same soul group, so when they meet, they merge with intensity and passion. The feeling is defined as a soul merge.

We encounter our Twin Flame after many cycles of karmic connections, and possibly only once in our soul’s journey. The kinship can be magnificent or bittersweet, depending on our karmic cycle and our state of consciousness.

Twin Flame Merging & Passion

The divine Source created souls in pairs, and from the same blueprint to follow the same vibrational patterns.

According to the work of Elizabeth Clare Prophet [source], the souls depart from their energetic mirrors, and either one or both souls journey upon earth to have separate life cycles.

They experience lifetimes of karmic journeys. They accumulate negative karma or work to balance it in a slow progress towards unity.

During this long separation, it is perfectly natural for both to feel incomplete, and feel the pull towards their soul’s mirror. Although both souls are complete without each other, they still yearn for them on a deep, vibrational level.

Your vibrational state plays a significant role. Whether you search for your Twin Flame or not depends on your level of vibration.

And there are two states. The high vibrational state allows you to feel complete in yourself—the other has the complete opposite effect.

The lower vibrational state manifests in the quest for love. When this quest is unsuccessful, it manifests in loneliness and apathy, which are challenges you need to master.

When you take the right attitude, it is a passion for the journey that becomes manifest. If your attitude is self-mastery, then the universe will unite you with your soul’s mirror through divine timing.

When the timing is right, and you finally meet your soul’s mirror, and you merge with them. It results in an incredible feeling of completion because you have met your Twin Flame, and your destiny has aligned.

What I have written above is very true for my Twin Flame experience, and you can experience such joy knowing your other half.

Being in a state of high vibration was not easy for me, because helping others was a grand task itself.

Some days, I would face the same pitfuls too, but I have strived to live in a high vibrational state. Our vibration is key to completing our Twin Flame journey, even though you might face some challenges in the relationship. The key is to overcome the challenge itself, and not to give up on the connection and love.

You see, Twin Flame love is very different because it’s from a higher dimension. You can manifest your twin flame, and you might not fall in love with them in the third dimension, because soul love or love in the 5th dimension is very different.

When I met my Twin Flame, Susan, long-distance, we both fell in love, so it’s possible to experience third-dimensional love with your Twin Flame, but it’s never the end goal.

On the topic of energy and vibration, next on the chain is our chakras. Our chakras affect the energy that flows through our physical bodies. For Twin Flames, kundalini rushes up through the spine, and its energy activates each of the chakras.

Twin Flame Chakra MergeTwin Flame Soul Merge

When you merge with your twin, not only your kundalinis activate, but your subtle body changes as well.

The chakra energy centers form the subtle body, which roughly matches the shape of your physical body. This concept has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism, though more work has been done in recent years by people like Helena Blavatsky[source] and Bailey[source].

The Subtle Body

The chakras govern energy flow through the subtle body and relate to spiritual senses and states. When we merge with our Twin Flame, our chakras create direct links with each other. It means that their states are linked and can affect each other.

This is the primary way in which we share a spiritual state with our Twin Flame. Telepathy and the psychic connection is so strong between twin flames because of this intrinsic set of links.

Because the chakras form the subtle body and are linked together, when we create links between the chakras of our own subtle body with that of our Twin Flame, we essentially create a single subtle body and, therefore, a single spiritual state.

We retain a stronger experience of our own chakras, but there is no real separation between our chakras and theirs.

When they experience spiritual blockage or negative energy in their aura, we experience it too to a lesser extent, but not to a small extent.

This works in positive ways, too. Twin Flames ascend together because ascension requires a clear, balanced, and active subtle body. If one partner is experiencing imbalance, it prevents the other from ascending – but the imbalance can be healed more easily because it is linked to an active and balanced chakra to act as a conduit.

Twin Flame Merging SignsTwin Flame Soul Merge

When Twin Flames merge with each other, they encounter a sense of unity with each other and with god/goddess/source. In terms of soul and source, Twin Flames have the same signature and blueprint. They are flame, soul, and infinite mates, and they both vibrate and connect on the same frequency.

As a result, twin souls preserve a bit of each other’s souls. They are the key super soul in the sea of passion and love(universe).

Time is an illusion when Twin Flames are together. For the awareness to push in a multi-dimensional way is very common.

They are not connecting to have a human relationship. Instead, they are a link to the higher frequency of the Source and oneness.

When you meet your Twin Flame, your Crown chakra will open to allow the source energy to course into you, from above your head and right down through your body’s remaining chakras.

You are linked to your twin flame via your Crown chakras. When you meet your twin flame, you will be drawn to their Crown chakra and the Third Eye chakra.

As the saying goes, you can see your own soul when you look into their eyes. This is how Twin Flames recognize each other – they see the illumination in each other’s eyes. Whenever Twin Flames are merging, their eyes are very much connected.

The eyes become a mirror that reflects back to each other.

Your souls have recognized each other and downloaded through each other’s eyes. They would see the world as two souls mirrored, and as one super soul consciousness. There may be some eye color changes when they are connected and awareness of each other’s energy.

The frequency and vibration of a Twin Flames voice is always recognized by each other because it’s the very same match to their vibrational pitch and the frequency.

Twin Flames need to bring forward their ability within oneness, without feeling the need to claim the benefits as their own and thus keeping their own identity.

Soul Merge DreamsTwin Flame Soul Merge

One of the most powerful signs of a Twin Flame soul merge occurs during sleep.

Our physical bodies tend to get in the way during our waking hours. We are distracted by the physical world’s needs and therefore have a weaker link with the spiritual.

So, when we sleep, the mind is free to consider more significant things. That is the purpose of dreams – to process the higher meanings of our experiences and to maintain the connections that do not feature so heavily in our daylight thinking.

It also happens (not by coincidence) that the veil between the physical and the spiritual is thinnest between 2 am and 4 am when nearly all of us are asleep.

It isn’t a coincidence because it is a result of our collective abandoning of the physical. There are fewer of us inhabiting our physical bodies, rooting the world in the material.

Our dreams during this two-hour window allow us great insight into our spiritual lives. During soul merge, these dreams are powerful, vivid, and full of useful messages.

Modern dream experts like Ian Wallace[source] have concluded from many studies that these dreams are more than just the brain firing randomly, but instead speak to the truth of our experiences. The science confirms what scholars of the spiritual have known for centuries.

During merging, the dreams you experience feature your Twin Flame even more than usual.

Everybody’s exact dreams are different, but the common themes often involve transformation, energy melding, and unity.

One of the more common ones is when you dream that your Twin Flame starts to look like you, or you start to look like them. This is you recognizing that you both share the same blueprint.

Rather than simply seeing your distinct physical forms, your mind links your shared energy form, building a physical representation of the merged soul.

Of course, because we are so used to seeing with our physical senses, this manifests as us transposing our own features on to them, and vice versa.

It’s not the only dream, as dreams are so varied. However, the theme often shows up that it’s a relatively concrete sign of a soul merge.

Shared dreams are the other significant sign. As your subtle bodies build stronger links, so your spiritual senses begin to work as one. This leads to dreams that you both have, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes at different times.

If you are going through a soul merge with your Twin Flame, it can be helpful if you both keep a dream journal and write down your dreams and compare them. It can verify if your souls are merging during this unifying process.

We would both like to thank you for leaving your comments. We appreciate your messages, even though we are busy and don’t respond sometimes. Your messages and comments are important spiritual tools for others who are on the same journey.



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