Twin Souls Merging – When Souls Merge

Twin Souls Merging – When Our Souls Merge Together

twin souls merging 1When twin souls merging with each other, they encounter a sense of total unity with each other, with god/goddess/source. In terms of soul and source, twins souls have the same signature and blueprint. They are flame, soul and infinite mates and they both vibrate and connect on the same frequency, as a result twin souls preserve a bit of each others soul, they are key super soul in the sea of passion and love(universe).

Time really is an illusion when the twinsouls are together. For the awareness to push in a multi dimensional way is very common, they are not connecting to have a human relationship rather they are a link to higher frequency of the Source and oneness.


When you meet your twin soul your crown chakra will open to allow the source energy to course into you, from above your head then right down to the remaining chakras of your body. You are link to your twin soul via your crown chakras with the silver chord. When you meet your twin soul, you will be drawn to each others crown chakra and your third eye chakra.


Twin Souls Merging is an Unique Soul Experiencetwin souls merging 3

As the saying goes, you can see ones soul when you look into their eyes, this is how twin souls recognize each other, they see the illumination in each others eyes. When ever twin souls are merging, his or her eyes are very much connected, the eyes become a mirror which reflect back to each other. Souls have obviously recognized each other and downloaded through each others eyes. They would see the world as two souls merged as one and as one super soul consciousness. There maybe some change of eye color when they are connected to each other and awareness of each others energy.

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The frequency and vibration of a twin souls voice is always recognized by each other because its the very same match to their vibrational pitch and the frequency. The twin soul partnership can be an androgynous union because neither of them feels they are male or female. This occurs when both the twin souls have accomplished their inner connection and balance. In this relationship there is no one or the other, as twin souls are basically one consciousness. I believe it is every important for twin souls to bring forward their ability within oneness, without feeling the need to claim the benefits as their own and thus keeping their own identity.

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