Twin flames are driven towards and away from each other due to intense vibrational energies at a spiritual level. 

Their fierce connection is a result of soul separation.

Before their birth, they were two pieces of the same soul.

They were sequestered, and it caused them to create bipolarity.

That’s why when they meet again in their material forms in this life.

They find it excruciatingly hard to control and contain it.

They feel as if they’re going to explode into smithereens if they stay in each other’s presence any longer.

That is the reason why twin flame relationships almost always end badly.

However, if the twin flames can overcome their fears and clear their misconceptions, they can find eternal bliss in each other’s presence.

Spiritual illumination is the only thing that can stop them from treading on a disastrous path.

If they both wake up spiritually, they can heal each other.

They can find solace in each other’s warm embrace.

It all depends on them how willing they are to face the difficulties and complications that come with a twin flame connection.

The number that symbolizes the twin flame relationship is 22

Twin flames and 22 are connected to each other in many ways.

22 is a master number that tells us that two parallel events are aligned, and the universe is pulling strings to bring twin flames closer to each other.

Twin flames never deny the importance of numerology in their relationship.

Twins know that they can never hurt each other knowingly because they love each other too much and their bond can outgun the invisible forces of fear, and lead them towards a state of peace.

Realising that the universe is always busy advocating a twin flame relationship is key here.

Twin flame number 22 floats the possibility of reconciliation.

If twin flames get separated due to untoward events, this number can provide them with a glimmer of hope.

It can tell them that they still have a chance of getting back together and restoring old ties.

It heralds the imminence of a meet and greet among twin flames.

It hints at their coming together in unexpected circumstances.

That is why it holds irrefutable significance in a twin flame relationship.

Another thing that the number 22 signifies is the strengthening of a twin flame bond.

If you come across this number, it means that your twin flame relationship is booming.

The love between you and your twin flame is increasing exponentially.

You’re heading towards a period of eternal togetherness.

Twin flame number 22 is of utmost importance.

The universe communicates with us in the forms of numbers because it is an objective means of communication, and while it may seem absurd and vague, hidden meanings behind these numbers lead us one step closer to the truth.

They guide us to things we want, instead of leading us astray.