Are you facing one of the common Twin Flame obstacles that can stand in the way of true love?

There are a number of blocks that can stand in your way and it can be difficult to know what to do about them.

You might even wonder if you can overcome them at all. If you are worried that you will never be able to be with them because of one of these roadblocks then take heart!

None of the ones we are going to go over today are insurmountable, though some are more difficult than others.

The fact is that because of the nature of your connection there is often something standing in the way of you being together.

This is by design – by overcoming it together you grow and learn and become closer for having done so.

Let’s go through the most common Twin Flame obstacles that people encounter – and how you can see them as opportunities rather than problems.

Twin Flame Is Married / In A Relationship

Perhaps the most common obstacle is when one or both of you are in a relationship.

It is very common for one of you to be married – and happily so! This can be a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved and needs to be looked after carefully.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy fix for this one. One thing you definitely should not do is go ahead with an affair anyway, especially if there are children involved.

Unfaithfulness is low energy and leads to pain and heartbreak, no matter what side of it you are on.

There are essentially two options for you. Either you hope that someday the stars will align and you will be together, or you surrender to your relationship but decide to keep it platonic.

It is absolutely valid and fine for you to have a purely platonic friendship – it is not worth less than a romantic one.

But one thing should be noted – you can’t do both! Starting a friendship with the intention of trying to make it more than that is selfish and a recipe for disaster.

You may just have to accept that your unique journey isn’t always going to be exactly how you imagined it – and surrender to the journey.

There Is A Big Age Gap With My Twin Flame

One far less challenging obstacle is where there is an age gap. Age gaps are actually very common, showing up in the majority of karmic relationships.

It’s thought that this is because karmic partners tend to fall into a mentor-mentee dynamic where one partner is more experienced.

However, age gaps can be a bit of a problem when they are especially large.

Many modern societies and cultures frown on big age gaps and this can make life very difficult if your family and friends don’t approve.

Sometimes it is best to maintain a platonic relationship in these situations, but there is no reason that you have to.

Be prepared to deal with judgment if you do decide to pursue it. Not everybody is so understanding.

There is an opportunity here, especially if you are the younger partner.

The potential for learning more about yourself and making progress in personal development is greatest when there is an age gap.

My Twin Flame Lives Far Away

Physical distance is becoming more of an issue for Twin Flames in this century than it has ever been before.

The internet has done great things to help bring people together, but closing the physical distance still has its difficulties.

You can absolutely overcome physical distance, using a number of techniques. Read up on telepathy and communication at a distance – this is one of the most powerful tools available to you.

There is also Skype and other messaging services, allowing you to stay in touch even when you are apart.

The difficulty is when this becomes long term long distance. That kind of situation takes a lot of mental strength to put up with, so you need to ask yourself some serious questions about whether it is right for you.

It can and does work for other people, but only you know if you are in the right place for it right now.

Other People Disapprove Of My Twin Flame Relationship

Social pressure, peer pressure, cultural or familial expectations – whenever other people disapprove of your relationship it is hurtful and uncomfortable.

There are a great many reasons as to why your relationship might draw disapproval from others.

However, if this person is truly your Mirror Soul then their disapproval is not well-founded, no matter how well-intentioned it is.

That isn’t to say they are wrong. It may well be unwise to enter into a relationship with someone who is much older or who lives far away, so their warnings are valid.

But they likely don’t understand the journey you are on.

That being said, you should listen to and take on board the concerns that others have if only to help you to stay their worrying minds.

One of the lesser-known Mirror Soul obstacles is withdrawal from the world.

This is where the two of you withdraw from friends and family, keeping only to yourselves and living in your own bubble.

Tackling Twin Flame Obstacles

There’s no way we could list all of the obstacles that you might face in your Twin Flame relationship, let alone how to fix all of them.

But there is the best attitude to take.

The right attitude, when faced with one of these obstacles, is to see it as an opportunity for growth.

Use the challenge to learn more about your strengths and your shortcomings, bringing you closer to your partner as you live and learn together.

If you let problems get you down and erode your faith in yourself and each other, then you could be headed for disaster.

Then again, you could just be headed for another (even harder) lesson.