This is a question someone asked me: I have met my twin flame and my crown chakra tingles?

Thank you for your question.

Each area of the body has a certain frequency, when it is activated it vibrates with a specific frequency.

The crown chakra deals will all spiritual connections and information one receives from spirit.

When this energy center starts to pulsate or tingle that means you are coming in contact with spirit or receiving spiritual information.

However, in a twin flame relationship, the vibration of the crown chakra can be activated when one twin feels the presence of the other.

When this starts to happen, then the crown chakra will start to vibrate and tingle when in their presence or thinking about them.

The frequency you are picking up on is coming from your twin flame but it is actually all around you, just filtered through your own energy field via spirit or via your own spiritual abilities that are being activated.

This is not something to be concerned with.

It is actually a wonderful thing and you should embrace it.

Crown Chakra Tingles During Separation

The crown chakra can also tingle when one twin is separated from the other.

It’s a sign that they are thinking about them.

When this happens it means that the twin who is feeling the tingling sensation may need to do some spiritual work.

After all, this is a message from spirit and they are not likely to send it if there is nothing to be learned from it.

So, ask yourself: what am I supposed to learn from this right now?

In most cases, the answer will come very quickly.

You need to think about if you are spiritually ready to be in this relationship, considering the other twin’s perspective as well.

If you are ready, then embrace the sensation!

It is a good thing.

If you are not then there is a lot of work to do before your reunion with them.

Crown Chakra Sensation When You Think About Them

You will feel a sensation on your crown chakra when you think of your twin flame.

It will either be a tingling or a subtle sensation.

It’s your connection to spirit and the spiritual realm which is causing this sensation to occur.

You might be in a deep meditative state when you are thinking about them and spirit is bringing your thoughts to the surface.

The most important thing is to acknowledge the sensation and embrace it.

Your twin flame is with you no matter what.

Even if they are not in physical form, once you have made contact with them via your soul or higher self the connection is always there.

That’s why spirit brings these thoughts to your conscious mind when you think about them so that you can acknowledge this connection and embrace it.

Ascension symptom

Head tingling sensation is also a symptom of Ascension.

The frequency of the body is changing at a cellular level.

As the cells vibrate faster, they will emit electromagnetic waves that can be felt by other people.

While this phenomenon has not been studied yet, it is well known to many spiritual people who are ascending or helping others ascend into higher planes of existence.

There are various ascension symptoms, this is one of them.

Ascending means that you are becoming more powerful spiritually and physically.

Every person has the potential to ascend once they find their twin flame.

However, it can take years or lifetimes so do not put too much pressure on yourself in this process. 

Everything happens in divine time.

You will ascend into stronger and more powerful frequency as your twin flame relationship progresses and you learn how to use the power that comes from being in a twin flame relationship.

Although, some signs of ascension may appear even before you have found your other half, but they are less intense because the cells of the body are not vibrating that fast yet.

If you experience symptoms like the ones described here, it is important to know that this will pass and your symptoms will get less intense with time.

Twin Flame Merging Symptom

It’s also a symptom of merging with your twin flame.

This means that at a soul level, they are coming closer to you and you may feel them in your body more often than ever before.

What is happening here is that the frequency of their energy field is getting close enough to yours so that it can merge into one united energy field.

The sensation on your crown chakra is your connection to them and it will let you know when they are around physically or spiritually.

Crown Chakra Tingles During Meditation

During meditation, the crown chakra can tingle because it is being activated during your practice.  

It will also happen when one feels they are connecting with their angelic guides.

You can also sense your twin flame during this state, as it is a heightened state of consciousness where you can let go of all your fears and simply be in the moment.

To experience these sensations, sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Feel yourself floating into the vast space that is surrounding you.

Your breathing should deepen as you relax more and more with each breath.

You might experience different physical sensations, emotions or even see different colors during this process.

This is your spirit communicating with you through the sensation of energy running up your spine and into your crown chakra.

If you feel tingling on your crown, simply smile at it and embrace the sensation just like you would embrace your twin flame when you meet them in person.

In your mind, say “I am ready to connect with you now” and see yourself connecting with your higher self and the entire universe.

Remember that everyone is different so what might work for one person might not work for another person.


Feeling a tingling sensation on your crown chakra signifies that your twin flame is trying to connect with you.

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is around seven inches above the top of the head and its position in the body relates to spiritual intuition.

It also governs all other forms of higher knowledge, including self-realization, divine wisdom, karma yoga, service to God, and a sense of oneness with all living things.