Merkaba activation is the process of taking the inert Merkaba and starting its spinning motion so that it can connect you to the Source energies and energy fields that exist throughout the universe.

But what is the Merkaba? And what does activation do to it and to you?

There is a lot of confusion on this subject, so we have decided to put together this short guide to help you to understand your Merkaba and the Merkaba activation process.

What Is The Merkaba?

“Merkaba” comes from the Hebrew, Mer-Ka-Ba – or light-spirit-body.

It is a star tetrahedron that exists within us, formed from two pyramids pointing in opposite directions so that its points are along eight axes.

These two pyramids are locked together, but spin in opposite directions and remain independent of each other.

Before activation, the Merkaba lies inert. Without the spinning motion, the energies contained within the Merkaba are unable to stretch to their full extent, limiting your potential for spiritual connection.

The two pyramids represent the opposite but complementary masculine and feminine energies.

The interaction between these two energy sources as they spin in opposite directions is what gives the Merkaba such power in interacting with the spiritual energies outside of the body.

How Merkaba Activation Works | Activating Merkaba Light Body

Note: Merkaba and light body activations are quite similar, you can use the exercise below to activate it.

Nobody can activate your Merkaba for you-you have to do it yourself.

It is entirely yours. Your responsibility, your power, and your key to spiritual growth. However, a healer may help you to develop the right techniques to activate your Merkaba.

But there is no need to do that as the process is quite simple for most people.

First, enter a meditative state, perhaps using some crystals and essential oils to enhance the power of your meditation.

Next, visualise your Merkaba. The base of the masculine pyramid begins at your knees, and the point reaches the crown of the head.

The feminine pyramid points downwards, with its base at the shoulders and its point at the feet.

Next, breathing exercises. You need to build up a circular rhythm of breathing, raising your heart rate and the flow of energy around the body.

Visualise the two pyramids beginning to spin. The masculine spins clockwise, the feminine spins anti-clockwise.

As you breathe, feed the energy into the motion of your Merkaba, increasing the speed of the spin.

Your aura should begin to show if you are practised at seeing them, though you should feel the Merkaba energies flowing way outside of your aura.

These energies will form a saucer-like shape when the activation is fully completed.

Once this has happened, you have achieved Merkaba activation.

You are now connected to the Source energies that surround us, grounded in the physical realm even as you are elevated to connect with the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Moving forward, you now have access to many spiritual powers that may have been locked to you before.

You might find natural psychic, and empathic gifts come to you easily from here on out, with the potential for spiritual growth beyond your wildest dreams. Now you have successfully activated your Merkaba light body.

Merkaba Activation Symptoms

Want to know the symptoms of Merkaba activation? It may be necessary for you to know these symptoms as well, as you could naturally go through the process yourself. Many don’t recognise these symptoms, but luckily for you, we have made a list of it. You can read it here: 8 Signs You Are Going Through A Merkaba Activation