After you encounter your twin flame, the stage of runner and chaser begins. It is not always true for all kinds of twin flames if both are spiritually awake and single at the time of their first meeting.

However, many couples have to go through the running and chasing phase in which one soul becomes a chaser, while the other runs from them. To fully understand when the twin flame chaser stops chasing, we first need to know why the chaser is pursuing in the first place.

The chaser is running after the runner because his soul wants to feel complete. It is out of his control. All the things they felt with the runner were out of this world. The chaser wishes to have more of it and wants to enjoy the life with the twin.

Once you know what a twin flame relationship feels like, nothing makes sense anymore. That’s the problem for the chaser as well.

There is an increased empathy and sympathy between twin flames. The chaser also desires all the goodness in the world for the twin, and they know that only their union could give peace to the runner. If we see both sides of the picture, the chaser is not being selfish only but wants a better life for their twin as well.

However, everything has an absolute limit. Although, our souls are something more significant we are still stuck in the physical body and we all have our needs as well.

The chaser tries and tries, but when the outcome is zero, he has to choose between the two ways: either he waits patiently for the twin flame till the end of his life, or he could move on to find a soulmate.

Twin flame relationships are magical, but as not everyone gets to meet their twin flame in one lifetime, there are soulmates as well.  They might not as good as twin flames, but provides enough help to complete one life journey with the smile on the face.

They are the companions of your soul and you feel good with them.

The chaser tries, but the chase is only making the runner run away. It doesn’t feel right because everything in a chaser’s life is a mess. They couldn’t understand why the runner is running and feels helpless. In those times, chaser could himself think to move on with the pain in their heart, or they could also get external help.

When help arrives, chaser senses the light in the dark and wants to hold onto it because spending their whole life mourning is quite tricky. But, it is not a sudden phase. Chaser may chase for years, and then he decides to move on.

So, it is always recommended that the runner doesn’t stay away too long that the chaser learns to live without you.

Finding a twin flame relationship should be pleasurable for both souls; it should be a mutual relationship that benefits both. No one should be sent to dungeons of darkness and pain; chaser chases because he loves and the twin needs to understand.