Brenda Hoffman
3 hours ago
Welcome to Brenda's Blog [img][/img] Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Summary of Brenda’s October 14, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at You’re letting go of pieces you thought important before this transition – and finding amazing parts of new you that include the talents and interests of all your segments. You love yourself enough to act on the desires of new you instead of who you thought you were in 3D. The next Creation Energies will be channeled Friday, October 28, 2016. Dear Ones, Many of you are concerned that you do not feel like a different person. That you somehow missed your calling or direction. Neither is true for your shifts are so rapid as not to be noticeable. Perhaps that last statement feels as if it is just another carrot to maintain your hopes in something that is not happening – a switch and bait, if you will. For if all that is predicted is occurring, would you not have some sort of AHA sensation indicating how different you have become? Such is your belief despite something similar having happened in puberty and continues to happen to you without preparation as you mature. So it is for you once again. You are changing throughout your being – including your physical being – noted only by those who do not interact with you a great deal. You sound, preceive and sense differently. You are not the you that you were just months ago. But because you are noting and interacting with you daily, you cannot detect the difference. Allow yourself to shift as your being dictates instead of trying to reshape or recreate you in the way you feel is right for new you. You could no more dictate your eventual height or weight in puberty, than you can dictate who you are becoming now. Of course, you would prefer that you were the best at whatever you declare is important to you. Just as you wished for a deeper voice or a larger bust in puberty. But the reality is that your inner-being is helping you, the CEO of your totality, create the physical, emotional and spiritual being that is right for new you. There is no need to pine for a different type of spirituality or skill set. Just as there is no need to pine for a different physical or emotional being. You are who you are supposed to be – whether that be younger, older, taller or shorter than you are now. Allow your true self to emerge with all the necessary skills and physical, emotional and spiritual skills that entails. Some of you will be more immersed in spiritual healing or endeavors. Other will perform the same level of service through your physical or emotional skills. Time or frequency travel perhaps seems exciting to you – that is, until you attempt to do so. A bit like many of you were once enamoured of ongoing business travel until you realized how uncomfortable you would be to be running from one airport and hotel room to another. You are all discovering areas of interest. But not all of those interests are part of your new you focus. Those that are, are falling into place in ways you cannot yet imagine. Those that are not, are within your creative grasp for reasons only you know. Perhaps you once fell in love with someone not right for you. Yet, you pined, whined and cried for some time after the relationship ended. Only to discover he or she was not right for you once you found the person who was – that it was a learning process. So it is for you now. You are discovering your true talents and interests. The difference is that you do not have time to experiment with this or that skill or interest. So you will test a particular interest for a day or two only to discover that interest does not feel right. From, “I want to do that” to “That’s not as exciting as I thought and I want to try something else.” So it is that the next few weeks will be about playing with potential interests as you hone your interests and skills. Allow yourself to experiment with new you and you will discover your true being and direction. Curtail your interests and directions and you will continue to wonder who you are. This is your personal experiment time to discover your true self. Play with it. Test it knowing that you can do no wrong other than trying to put yourself in a box that does not feel right – and as a result, soaring to new you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Copyright 2009-2016, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

16 hours ago
Look around and you will find two types of people – those who love what they do and those who hate what they do. You too can choose to either love life or hate it. If you love it, even a short span of 10 years will be worthwhile. But if you hate it, even a long duration of 50 years will be nothing but a drag. Hence, choose to love life. You will be happy, so will be your family and anyone who will ever come in contact with you. Remember, there is no sense in adding years to your life. What makes sense is adding life to your years.

Inusha Wijesuriya
18 hours ago
I saw " Me " through your eyes and learned to love myself The "treasures" within me I did not see until you pointed out The "Spring of Love " remained within until you shattered the walls In the " storm" I dissolved and found my being mirrored in you !!! Are you Me or Am I You ? Whither Lover Whither Beloved I have no clue !!!!!! [img][/img]

rhea dopmeijer
Yesterday, 3:17 pm
What is your calling and when do you know it is a calling? Full Definition of calling 1. 1: a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence I am called to do something people say and they pack up there bags. Some move to another part of the country, of leave everything behind them in order to go on a road trip. Others are leaving their family and marriage and follow their heart they say. If you are not even a slight bit aware of this call that comes from deep within yourself, how on earth will you be able to understand? Or would you give it another name, a desire to do something that is close to your heart? The need to be around certain people or places. Being directed from within or maybe from a higher place connected with the source of all being. Most people following their calling say the love what they do. If not it may be something that is more like an addiction then a calling. I don’t like what I am doing, yet I cannot stop doing it. Is a calling always connected to a certain conviction. Or is it caused and triggered by divine influence. I was trying to figure this one out for myself, cause some things are happening around me with people. I was curious as to which made them make such major and important decisions in their life. Cause it affected a lot of people in their close circle. Some left their marriage and gave up their jobs and took it upon themselves to go travel around their country. Others left the country they lived in to go live in a different part of the world. It made me feel like I was missing some cardinal clue to the why or what made them turn their life around 180 degrees. At wat cause can we make such a strong turn around, even though we call it a calling. Divinity spoke through the voices of their higher selves, or they received channelings which showed them which way to go. They were called to do something in service for the good of all so to speak. These are bold decisions. Not everyone has to turn their lives around to such a degree in order to fulfill their calling. At least that is what I am trying to understand here. We all are born in a certain place, town, country and family by design of our Soul’s perception. At least, if that is something you understand or a conviction you have. How can we understand these steps if we are not even clear about the way we hold our own beliefs or convictions about life and its purpose we have in it. Our higher calling so to speak seems to take on different proportions for different people. Maybe I may find my highest calling just by holding my space, creating a safe space for others to enter. In my own home town, In my own house. Maybe it may expand and can be shared with other people who share the same kind of interest. Or when I visit different places and areas, not just in my own country as well abroad. All I know, for me that is, that my calling so to speak comes from the Heart Space. The way we can love each other. In a loving connection without the disregard or disrespect. Where we can trust and feel safe and can work as a team so to speak with each other. My calling to be a loving wife and mother, for our children and grandchildren. Yet it is more than being a wife or spouse, or mother and grandmother. I know by heart that I want to be able to relate to people, have compassion with the issues they are going through. By having the patience to listen to those who need to express their need, or joy for that matter. By sharing kindness with people I meet on the street, in the shops, on the parking lot or any other place for that matter. It is in a smile, a greet that creates a meet with someone, just enable to have a heart to heart encounter. When this is my calling I am happy that it is part of my Nature, my personality as well that enables me to be able to give my attention with a sincere character. Because I care and my need to share. My conviction, if you want to call it that, is by living the truth in the Heart of the matter. For it matters to have a safe place and hold a safe place for someone, in order to let them feel the necessity of the Love that comes from it. Isn’t it so, we all want that in our lives? I know I do. I know the importance of having a safe place, where it is easy to be me, to be understood and loved. I have that experience and because of that, I know the importance to share it. So, do you know your calling in life? Does it requires major decisions or is it also about the smaller steps to take to follow this urge from within. The lead of the Heart so to speak. Or the Heart of the Matter that invites you to follow your own calling. The main thing is you know from the Heart if you need to make changes in your life, to meet up with your calling or conviction. Everything that comes your way through Love is also a way for you to realize if you are following your Heart. If we all can make this difference in our lives, following the needs of the Heart for the best of everyone, not just ourselves. We can make a huge difference, just by taking one bold step at times. To step out of the comfort zone created by convictions by others, or judge mental belief systems. To create your own safe space within, take a look what your questions are and which way you think you have to apply in order to follow your heart desire. My inner center of peace, love and joy in the safety of my Heart is something I need to enable me to follow my calling. For I can only bring in this loving energy from that space if I truly can be there. So there is the clarity as well the allowance, the acceptance, as well the loving care. It all comes from within to bring it out in the open. The way you are being asked to follow your inner calling, will always come from a place of love. For the highest good of yourself as well others. It includes not just other people, it also includes our surroundings, our connection with Nature, the animal life as well the plant life. Also the water environment and the clarity of our sky. We all are playing our part in this system we call Earth and Humanity and the One ness we can feel in this beautiful adventure we are all part of. We can decide because we as humanity have free will. It starts within each of us. We all are having a role in this, to create a safe surrounding for ourselves as well everyone and everything we are connected with. For every change we make will have its effect on others around us, as well the ripples it will create from there. At the end, the ripples will have been building up to waves, connecting everyone from the Heart of the Matter, Our Inner Safe Place. For that is where we can connect with our calling, to bring out the best for the highest good of everything in the end. And so it will be done. High Self @RheaDopmeijer © Heartfelt Messages 26-10-2016 [img][/img]

Patti Parker (Admin)
October 24, 2016
Is human nature inherently egoistic or altruistic? Despite the violence and conflict that we constantly see in the media, studies show that violence has diminished continually over the past few centuries. Our everyday existence, too, is often filled with cooperation, friendship, affection and care. Scientific investigation over the last 30 years has increasingly shifted the distorted view of human nature as motivated wholly by selfishness, a belief that long-dominated Western psychology and theories of evolution and economics. I myself am deeply convinced that love and compassion–the two faces of altruism–are the cardinal virtues of human existence and the heart of the spiritual path. Loving kindness is the wish that all beings experience happiness, while compassion focuses on eradicating their suffering. My experiences with spiritual masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition over more than 45 years spent in Asia have influenced me profoundly. Particularly inspiring is the Buddhist conviction that every human being possesses an indestructible potential for goodness and wisdom. I have also learned valuable lessons by participating in humanitarian service, including some 140 medical and education projects in the Himalayan regions through Karuna-Shechen, the organization I founded. Our era is confronted with many challenges, among them the imperative of reconciling the demands of three time scales—short, middle and long-term, on which three types of interests are superimposed: ours, the interests of those close to us, and those of all sentient beings. In the short term, we must respond to the immediate demands of the present economy; in the middle term, the search for happiness; and in the long term, the future health of the environment. As for the environment, until recently its evolution has been measured in terms of geological and climatic eras, over millions of years. In our day, the rhythm of change keeps accelerating because of ecological upheavals provoked by human activities. In particular, the “Great Acceleration” that has occurred since 1950 has defined a new era, called the Anthropocene (“era of humans”), in which, for the first time in history, human activities are profoundly modifying (and currently degrading) the entire system that maintains life on earth. This completely new challenge has taken us by surprise. If our obsession with achieving quantitative growth continues, with consumption of natural resources increasing at its current exponential rate, we will need three planets by 2050. We don’t have them. What can we do about this predicament? Only a revolutionary, unifying concept will lead us out of this complex maze of preoccupations. Over decades, my meetings with spiritual leaders, philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, economists, and environmentalists have convinced me that altruism is the Ariadne’s thread allowing us to connect harmoniously the challenges of the economy in the short term, quality of life in the mid-term, and our future environment in the long term. In line with Darwin’s emphasis on the importance of cooperation in nature, new advances in evolutionary theory allow us to envision an extended altruism that transcends the ties of family and tribe, and emphasizes the fact that human beings are essentially “SuperCooperators,” to use a term coined by Martin Nowak. Evaluating the capacities for both individual and collective transformation is important if we want to encourage the development for a more altruistic society and a better world. Thousands of years of contemplative practice attest to the power of individual transformation. This age-old wisdom has now been confirmed by neuroscience research showing that any form of training–such as learning to read or play an instrument–induces a restructuring in the brain, at both the functional and structural levels. The same kind of restructuring occurs when we cultivate benevolence and train in developing altruistic love and compassion. How do we go from personal transformation to societal change? Recent studies by theoreticians such as Richerson and Boyd, authors of Not by Genes Alone, stress the importance of the evolution of cultures, which is slower than individual evolution but much faster than genetic changes. Cultural evolution is cumulative, transmitted over generations by education and imitation. Cultures and individuals continue to influence each other mutually. Individuals who grow up in a new culture are different, because their new habits transform their brain through neuroplasticity, and the expression of their genes through epigenetics. These individuals contribute to the evolution of their culture and their institutions, so that this process is repeated in every generation. We can thus look forward to a welcome evolution toward more cooperative and altruistic societies. This ideal is well within our reach. Recent research has also shown that from early childhood we are wired to be cooperative and helpful. Even very young babies recognize kindness toward others and prefer it above mistreatment. At Paul Bloom’s “baby lab” at Yale University, infants 6 to 10 months old were able to recognize kind behavior and show their preference for kindness over mistreatment. Similarly, the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig found young toddlers from the age of 12 months spontaneously exhibiting behavior of mutual aid and cooperation, without teaching by adults or any prospect of a reward. With this foundation, we can begin to promote a more altruistic society, by focusing on five points: • We need to enhance cooperation, which includes favoring cooperative over competitive learning at school and within organizations. • We need to aim at a sustainable harmony, which reduces inequalities and preserving our environment by doing more with less • We need to foster a caring economics. An economics driven by selfish interests cannot remedy poverty or care for the environment. • We need local commitment with a sense of global responsibility. • We need to extend altruism to other life forms–the 1.3 million catalogued species that are our co-citizens in this world. Altruism should not be relegated to the realm of noble utopian thinking maintained by a few big-hearted, naive people. On the contrary, it is a determining factor of the quality of our existence, now and to come. We must have the insight to recognize this and the audacity to proclaim it. The altruism revolution is on its way. Let us all be part of it. Written by Matthieu Ricard Soiurce:[img][/img]

Judy Hevenly
October 23, 2016
ARIES March 21 April 19 November brings beneficial benefits to help you achieve your goals. You are ‘spotlighted,’ in your career. As Autumn approaches, someone who adores you makes a surprise visit. Month’s end you're working non-stop. Remind loved ones the holidays are coming, and to be patient, as Santa will reward them. TAURUS April 20 – May 20 You will not have to worry about been lonely this month. Venus in your sign makes you super attractive and sexy. If attached your partner is happy, and if single, you will not be lonely. Career-wise you are roused by your ambitions. A new work alliance is formed. Voice your opinion and speak from your heart. GEMINI May 21 – June 21 Personal and business partnerships highlighted now. A positive state of mind or good news is on the way. Pay attention to your intuition where money is concerned. The new Moon the 29th, indicates a change in the future of one of your one to one relationships. CANCER June 22 – July 22 Your attention to the incoming affections with a longtime partner or someone new, occupies your time. Do not give in to power struggles. You enjoy this month and spend time doing things that are pleasing. A difficult creative or leisure project finally takes off. LEO July 23 – August 22 Be sensitive to loved ones’ affections and needs. The 11th sees an ambitious business plan slowly taking off. The 22nd is a great opportunity to complete a creative project. Sports, a lover, child, or holiday or travel plans, feature around the 23rd. You’re enjoying yourself to the fullest. VIRGO August 23 September 22 You have more empathy and compassion for folks now. Its an exciting time for you to embark on a project or trip this may hold a money gain or an improved income environment. Thanksgiving, sees you and a loved one come into a deeper closeness. Children feature prominently. LIBRA September 23 – October 22 You're down to earth charm makes you the life of the party. You and a loved one might take a long overdue vacation. Positive news on the 23rd or view, or incoming information, helps you make a much needed decision. Finish up home repairs or renovations, if you are thinking of selling or adding to the value of your property. SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 If you go with the flow personal and financial developments will be liberating and fun. Keep an eye out for a money offer or new approach. Your workplace, neighborhood affairs, online community, local events have growing potency. A new Fall wardrobe sees you receiving some flattering compliments. SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21 You receive a lot of attention now. This enhances your personal interests and work accomplishments. Circle the 25th onwards as a major time for money. This is a power moment to hear good news about the financial state of your business. This is likely to be positive. Time spent with old friends and loved ones lends to the ambiance of the Season. CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 The 12th sees you soften your personality, and you are more popular and open to pleasing folks. Your power of influence and persuasion can help to make this a lucrative time.. You are singled out at work for your excellence. Take time out to be alone for reflection. Toss out old, outworn and limiting views that stand in your way to creating a brand new you. AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18 Lots of talk this November to career expansion or a new work project. You increase your sphere of influence. You have the ambition to succeed. Mid-month sees you clearing the air with a loved one. November 21, sees a long distance trip or overseas travel coming up. This is good as A chance of scenery gives you a new outlook. PISCES February 19 – March 20 Education, overseas interests, legal affairs in-laws help you navigate what you feel and the direction in which you like to see your life go. Catching up with correspondence brings helpful social and business alliances. Brainstorm ideas with VIP’s. Month’s end is good time for a tech purchase. Love-wise take time out to relax, and just enjoy yourself, Judy Hevenly, Psychic Astrologer E-mail Web site: Tel: 310 820 7280

Thomas Goodwin
October 23, 2016
A lot of people are not interested enough in the new and very practical/rational spiritual theories and techniques I have to offer that came about due to decades of intense effort. I can not reach people who are too satisfied with or addicted to the spiritual beliefs/theories of the past. People can have all sorts of problems in their lives and still come across in a way which indicates they are not really interested enough in improving themselves spiritually to make the effort to acquire better spiritual skills and understandings. I have a trigger mind, that requires others to have a desire for what I have to offer. I am not good at pushing my spiritual theories on those who really are not that interested in them, but just want me to validate them in their current spiritual state. I prefer to dialogue with people, and not have to fight really hard to get them to listen to where I am coming from. If a person really is interested in growing further spiritually and wants to utilize my value to the world in this area, they will be open to my energy and give me a chance to represent what I have to offer with all the passion that comes with it. The spiritual is powered by emotions and the spiritual energy that comes with better spiritual ideas will be very intense and passionate. People who really want to improve spiritually will crave this spiritually passionate energy, and its ability to make positive things happen in their lives, and in this world that badly needs to improve a lot spiritually, so as to properly address the serious problems that exist here, that like everything that exists in this world is rooted in the spiritual. Children develop spiritually based on the quality of the spiritual energy that the predominating adults in their lives give them. Adults need to become well trained spiritually and as a result become good at behaving as a positive example for them, so that they can be effective at training their children to behave well and effectively in a challenging world. It takes effort to become more advanced spiritually and it is so important that the adults in our society do their part to become strong and aware spiritually, so that they can help the children in our society to do so also. This world(the Earth) is very entrenched in the type of spiritual beliefs/theories and techniques that predominate here, and thus it is very difficult to present something new and effective spiritually here. I find it takes people a while to adjust to the type of spiritual energy that I have as a result of all the really intense effort I have focused in the area of spiritual development. I tend to have to make an effort to reach one person at a time and then hope the people I reach will reach others for me, in my effort to get what I have to offer out to the world so as to be able to demonstrate in this reality how effective it is in transforming individuals and the larger society they are part of.

Inusha Wijesuriya
October 23, 2016
[img][/img] Whenever we manage to love without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven - Rumi It is natural for human beings to have expectations, yet this very nature of humans bring untold misery to them. We often expect our loved ones to behave in a certain way. We have a certain image in our mind of how things should happen. We expect others to be grateful when we help them in their need. We have many expectations for our future. If we take and analyze each one of these situations, it becomes obvious that all the frustration, the misery and the pain were caused due to expectations. Taking the example of the behavior of a loved one, we often try to change the person to suit the mental image that we have in them. Each person in this Universe is a unique individual with unique characteristics. By trying to change the person to suit our requirement is actually an attempt in vain. If we realize how difficult it is for us to change ourselves, we will realize the futility of attempting to change someone who is completely a different individual. It will not bring any positive outcome but frustration, misery and pain of mind, let alone distancing that will inevitably happen. How to overcome such expectation and misery? By accepting the person as he/she is with unconditional love…. by not allowing the behavior of others to disturb our inner peace. When you allow the other person to be his/her natural self and accept the situation as it is, life becomes much more peaceful and a journey to celebrate. By not destroying the individuality of the other and giving them space to grow with unconditional love, people who earlier distanced themselves from us will again gravitate back to us because nothing is more healing than unconditional love. It is good to have a goal in life and have a positive attitude. Many of us have a plan for the future and strive to achieve that. Perfect! While working hard to achieve our goals what we have to bear in mind is that, whatever happens to us, happens for a reason and for our highest good. If we reach our goal, we are happy. The same way if we fail to reach the goal, we must have the courage to accept that because there was a reason unknown to us that will divert our course to a much better path. Life does not end with failure. Failures are only stepping stones to success. Universe is so loving, when one door closes another door opens. Letting go of the past and accepting the present is the only way to overcome the misery caused by expectations. When someone asks for help, some of us rush to respond. It gives us immense pleasure to help someone in need and to see that person smiling. It is a most beautiful feeling to know that you are the reason for the smile. While rejoicing in the meritorious act, unconsciously we expect the other person to be grateful to us. When it does not happen, we feel disappointed and develop a negative feeling towards that person. What we have to keep in mind here is that no act is complete however good the intentions were, if it carried an expectation. The noblest act one can do is helping someone who can never repay us. Helping someone without expectation of any form of reward gives us joy immeasurable and will fill our life with inner peace and contentment. To love without condition, to give without expectation, accept the present and let go of the past are the secrets to a blissful life.

rhea dopmeijer
October 22, 2016
Ignite the Seed of Magic To keep it growing this seed requires time, love, patience, harmony and balance internally. So releasing any old patterns, beliefs, emotional wounds to enable to walk in grace on the Earth. Every one has a special unique seed within the Heart, this makes you an unique individual with unique abilities. They are planted deep within the core to come to the surface at the right time and that will be different to each and everyone of You. Experiences that will and can be used as steppingstones to come to a fuller understanding. Growing with each experience into the balanced Self, where the Soul is the tool to achieve this. It will bring you all back to your true Be-ing, remembering, re-member-ing, re-union with Your True Nature, leaving Home at the time just to re-discover the Essence of You. Mastering this whole process throughout time and space, leaving your footprints on this planet you have chosen to be the playgroud and learning and understanding the processes. For everyone of you the time will come to re-member, Be-ing the Member of this grand Family you belong to. From stardust You come, to Be-Come this Human Angelic Being, lasting to remain on Earth and bringing Home back into your Heart, instead of leaving to return to Home and start and re-invent again on Earth. That's the Beauty of it and it's truly a New Day, A New Dawning of Awareness, Love, Joy and Magic. And so it is High Self - @Rhea Dopmeijer © Heartfelt Message – 21-8-2013 [img][/img]