James Bean
6 hours ago
Letters from the Masters, Part One -- A new one-hour satsang podcast of Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Click to Listen (or "Save" to Download): http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Aug2016/SPA082316_WMA.mp3 [img]http://www.spiritualunite.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/5a84a1e6059aebeac9f6ae98217dacf0_view.jpg[/img] Featuring Reading from letters of Kirpal Singh, Sawan Singh, Baba Jaimal Singh, Soamiji Maharaj, Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, and Maharaj Saheb (Brahma Shankar Misra). "You need not be afraid of discussing esoteric teachings of the Masters with others. Spiritually illumined do owe much to their less gifted brethren when you can instill faith and right understanding in them out of your own personal knowledge derived from the sacred books published from here and on personal experience gained by meditations." (Kirpal Singh) "Stand on your belief on solid ground. Let not others' wayward opinions deflect you from the true path you are on. Let not promises of glory by anyone waylay you. Do not come to hurried conclusions, but use discrimination in all your undertakings. Stick to what is Real." (Kirpal Singh) "The human body is like a radio receiver for listening to the Sound Current [the inner Sound]. When we tune in the radio, we begin to hear the sound. Similarly, when the Master (Sant Satguru) guides us within, we are able to hear the Divine Music. By adjusting the ‘dial’, we hear various kinds of Sound.” (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh) "The escape is through the Sound Current." (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh) "If you listen for ten minutes, or five minutes, or four minutes, or two minutes, or even one minute, with love and devotion, millions of sins and obstacles will be removed." (Baba Jaimal Singh) "There is no doubt that you are under the gracious care of Radhasoami Dayal. You must continue your devotions with as much regularity and love as you can. You should also see that you do not give up the reading of the Holy Books as you say you have done lately. You must rest assured that the Supreme Father is watching your spiritual interests. Your spiritual progress will be continuous if you do not fail the performance of your practice." (Maharaj Saheb in, "Holy Epistles, Part Three,") Subscribe To Podcasts For Free: Podcast Download Page: http://hosted.EarthChannel.com/HealthyLife/spa-od.html NOTE: All podcasts are available online for a three-month period. Download today! All for the love of wisdom and radio, James Website: http://www.SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com #SpiritualAwakeningRadio #Podcasts #Radio #Spirituality #Meditation #India #Radhasoami #SuratShabdYoga #Gnostic #SantMat #Sant_Mat #Mysticism #KirpalSingh #SawanSingh #HealthyLifeNet #SacredTexts #SpiritualClassics #InterFaithStudies #ComparativeReligion  #Agra #Hathras #Moradabad #SantTulsiSahib #HuzurMaharaj #SoamiJiMaharaj  #BabaJaimalSingh  #BrahmaShankarMisra #MaharajSaheb

Patti Parker (Admin)
12 hours ago
While I’m looking in the mirror and I see myself reflected making sure my hair, my clothes my whole image is perfected While I’m looking at my face the thought arises suddenly that eventhough it’s my reflection it really isn’t me I see It’s purely a visual expression of the body I live in and it has no way of showing all of what goes on within It is only one dimension what I see is purely physical and I cannot stop the feeling that it really isn’t real at all For that image in the mirror doesn’t think and doesn’t feel I direct what’s on the outside it’s who I am inside that’s real! Looking at my mirror image I realize with some confusion that even though it looks like me this reality is just illusion! Gabrielle

Patti Parker (Admin)
13 hours ago
A few months ago, I found myself on the busy streets of London’s Covent Garden. It was a mild Friday evening in the capital and the masses were out celebrating the end of the working week, looking forward to the weekend ahead. But that’s not why I was there. I’d come to Covent Garden on that day for a special project. For most of my life, the fear of what other people thought of me had kept me trapped. It had prevented me from reaching my full potential and from enjoying life to its fullest. I couldn’t bring myself to dance in public for fear that people would point and laugh. At work I was unable to voice my opinions for fear they’d be thought stupid. And at my lowest point, even walking down the street became a struggle, as my mind ran wild with images of people talking about and laughing at me as I went by. I lived a half-life. I knew I was missing out. I also knew I had so much more to contribute to this world. But I was paralyzed by the fear that if I put myself out there I’d be ridiculed and rejected. And so the “real me” remained cocooned somewhere inside. I knew she was there, I knew who she was, but fear kept her trapped. But sixteen months ago, things began to shift. Filled with an increasing sense that I wasn’t living my purpose and a vast emptiness from the lack of meaning my life seemed to have, I quit my corporate office job in search of answers, determined to live a more fulfilling life. I made a commitment to myself then to face each and every one of my fears and to find a way to reconnect to the real Leah and let her out into the world. The last sixteen months of my life have been challenging, as I commit every day to living a little further outside my comfort zone. But being in that space of discomfort and crossing the threshold from fear into courage has led to the fulfilment I craved as I realize just how much I’m capable of. I’d by lying if I said I no longer gave a second thought to what others think, but for the most part I can push past that to do the things I know I need to do. And so it is that I arrived in Covent Garden, in the hope of now encouraging others to free themselves of that fear of what others think and embrace life in its entirety. And so there I stood, on the crowded streets of London that evening, holding a sign handcrafted from old cereal boxes, saying: “How often does the fear of what other people think stop you from doing something?” The reaction to this simple question left me gobsmacked. People stopped and took notice. Some smiled knowingly, acknowledging that their own lives had been affected by the fear of what others think. Some nodded with something of a sad look on their face. Perhaps there was something they really wanted to do but were being held back by that fear. Others engaged in conversation, sharing their stories of how the fear of what other people thought had touched their lives or how they’d learned not to care so much. That day, I experienced for the very first time the extent to which the fear of what other people think affects our lives—all of our lives. What might we be capable of if we could let go of that fear? I went home that evening having learned some valuable lessons… You’re never alone. Too often we suffer our fears in silence. We believe ourselves to be the only one. Everywhere we look we seem to be surrounded by confident people. But I’ve come to realize that everyone—those who appear confident or shy; extroverts of introverts—we all, each and every one of us are struggling with our own fears. When the fear of what other people think is holding you back, take a look around and remember, everyone is living with his or her own fear. You are not alone. By confronting your fears you help others confront theirs. More than anything, when you stop caring what others think and set out to achieve your goals and dreams, you give others the power to do the same. Someone is always watching and wishing they had your courage. By stepping up to your own fears, you really do help others face theirs. Be vulnerable and honest. Being open about your fears and confronting them head on could be the greatest gift you ever give. What you think they think isn’t the reality. Those people over there? The ones you think are talking about you? Judging you? They’re not. Really. They don’t have time. They’re too busy worrying about what people are thinking about them! And even if they were looking at you, judging you, talking about you, you can be almost certain they’re not saying the awful things you imagine. Instead, they’re envying the color of your hair, your shoes, the way you look so confident. What we think people think of us doesn’t come close to the reality. Freedom from the fear of what others think is possible. The fear of what other people think of us is like a cage. Over time you become so used to being inside that cage you eventually come to forget what the outside might be like. You resign yourself to living within its walls. By taking deliberate and purposeful action to overcome the fear of what others think of you, you slowly regain your freedom and escape from the confines of the prison you’ve created for yourself. And life outside that cage? It’s pretty awesome! It’s a place where you can be the person you always knew you were meant to be. And that, being fully self-expressed, being everything you know you are, fulfilling your greatest potential in life, well, that’s the greatest feeling you could ever know. Don’t let the fear of what other people think stop you from living the life you were born to live. By Leah Cox Source:tinybuddha.com

Akshita Veda
15 hours ago
Create something together Create something divine Create something as a part of something else Create something that creates something else Create something that helps others see Create something that gives back all that it takes Create something from nothing that re-generates The symbolic representation of creation is within us; awaiting our activation

rhea dopmeijer
20 hours ago
What about creating space? Now I can hear you say, what kind of space are we talking about, the inner space or the out there space. To me these are connected always. Because the minute I feel the turmoil within myself caused by emotions, I notice it’s effect in my surroundings as well. The attention that is drawn within to deal with the upcoming emotions, and most of the time the more heavy ones, I cannot bring it in at the same time in my outer environment. The light energy caused by happiness, joy, laughter and love is making every task light and pleasant to fulfill. Yet the minute the energy comes with frustration, sorrow, pain even, will make it all the more hard even to start with the normal day to day routine. It takes a lot of effort and discipline, at least for me, to start my day then just to get out of bed, do my normal daily routine and whatever is needed to be done. I have a clear vision when my mood is light, no clutter in my head to disturb it. The minute I am being triggered by anxiety or whatever there is that is challenging, I have more trouble with concentration, less focused, easier to distract by the mind track that comes with emotions. It is even more difficult to anticipate after surgery or illness, when the body needs to heal again, the energy level is not at its normal and the way it is causing discomfort or even worse, disability. Those are the triggers that are invasive within my own energy body, emotional as well mentally and physically. It doesn’t leave to much space for me to steer around in my normal way let alone balanced and easy way. So how can we go about creating space with let’s start the inner space. I know the triggers that are in my system which cause me to cramp up somewhat. It also depends weather I should share a space literally with someone else, or when I am just on my own. This is more demanding If I share my outer space with someone else, either partner and kids, or dog for that matter. Everything that is being brought into my living area is demanding on my energy level. On your own, you can be easily more at ease with yourself, or is it just my perception. I am know for sure, I am most of the times more at ease on my own. Does that make me a hermit. No, yet being high sensitive and empath, sometimes it is easier to be just in my own space without the interference of all the energies others bring in my space. The need to be able to create a safe space within is something I am very aware of. It is like standing in the eye of a storm, everything else that surrounds me can be in turmoil, as long as I am in this sacred space within myself, I can keep my balance and makes me able to keep my focus as well my attention directed on any task that needs to be done. It has been a journey to learn to connect with this safe place, this inner asylum, tested over and over again. Emotionally, physically as well mentally. The most direct way to stay tuned within my inner space is through the physical energy in grounding myself. Being firmly rooted literally is giving me the balance I need to confront any trigger that is trying to get me out of my own inner space. This is not just for me a necessity. There are many like me who are having trouble staying within their own inner space, just because they are highly sensitive to the energies surrounding them. The way we are wired is different and can cause being unbalanced and create disharmony within, just because we are reading the energy of those around us. It is easy to deal with the energy of love, joy and happiness. It is more difficult if you have to deal with anger, disease, sorrow, pain, fear or abusive energies. These are draining if you are not aware of the effect it can have on your own energy level. It is important for everyone to be aware of your own inner space and boundaries. Because this life on Earth is all about boundaries and space. Every interaction we have is about space or evasive actions. There is a lot being told about the importance of creating your own space. Some take this literally and are decorating one room in their home, just to have a physical space to retreat to when everything is to hectic. Spa and wellness are blooming because of this development in awareness. Yet you can go to a spa or wellness every day, that doesn’t automatically makes you secure in your own inner space. You need to address that as well, or even more so in order to create that inner space of peace and calm. Actually you can write a book about this topic I guess, if you want to include practices or ways how to learn this way of creating space. There probably are already many out there. All I can do is write from my own perspective and what works for me. Not necessarily will work for someone else. Yet the common factor is the way we feel about ourselves. If we are in our own space, there is no need to hold up any boundaries in order to feel safe against whatever we are facing. Inner and outer space will reflect each other as well. In good and bad ways. Turmoil and clutter in the mind and emotional world will be reflected more often as a disorganized household, more than a very clean and organized home. Or you are someone who is using this energy to be like a turbo going through your home, just in order to keep yourself busy and distracted. Or maybe even to have to sense of control over what is going on. So to keep your own outer space clean, is one way to control your environment. To me, I like my space clean and organized in an easy way. I love it when my home is feeling at easy and peaceful. This is a reflection of how I feel within. It is also easier to clean and keep it that way. I am not very fond of doing my household shores. I am on the other hand very aware of my inner household shores that needs attention in order to stay peaceful and at ease. It is not always an easy task, yet one I am very committed to. It is okay to have boundaries, yet not to strict or too tight for me. Then I start to wriggle until I am out of the loop again so to speak. It is also about freedom and connection these boundaries we encounter in our day to day life. So a very big and important aspect you might say. All I can do is make sure I will have my own inner safe space to be in so I will not be effected as much by energies from the outside. In that way I am creating space and not just for me. Being in a safe place also has its effect on someone else. For everything that is out of balance or addressed to specifically to you in a personal way, will either flow by like water or you can breathe it and let it pass and breathe out again without being triggered in order to response in a manner the other person expects you to. This will create a shift as well change in perception. And because it is a neutral response or loving response, it will not add to the negativity. Now when you are being showered with love, you know what to do.. you share and create more space together, inside and out.. And so it will be done. High Self @RheaDopmeijer © Heartfelt Messages 25-8-2016 [img]http://www.spiritualunite.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/ce746e2a144807676ca4cf2464f72ade_view.jpg[/img]

August 24, 2016
Have you ever wondered why God can’t do what a little spider does? What does the spider do? A spider does something quite unique. Out of its own body, it creates a web, a world by itself – a world where the spider climbs, dances, moves. But where did the spider’s web come from? There was no external material. The material was produced from the spider itself. If the spider could produce material from itself to create a world for itself, the web, why can’t God do the same with the cosmos? It is believed that God has thus created this whole universe from God itself. God is unknown beyond human comprehension, but God exists - a Power, a Creator, and this Creator and Power, is manifested in the universe as you and me, as the world, as nature. People wonder “With what material did God create the mountains and the oceans, the skies and the clouds, the human beings, the plants, the animals?” All this is beyond human comprehension, but what we can understand is that if a spider could build its own web, why couldn’t God manifest this whole universe just like a spider? Only that the spider spins its beautiful web from its own silk, God uses his silk to create the universe, and all the creation in it! Food for thought… AiR

Patti Parker (Admin)
August 23, 2016
Getting caught up in wanting—wanting both to get what’s pleasant and to avoid what’s unpleasant—is a major source of suffering and harm for oneself and others. First, a lot of what we want to get comes with a big price tag, such as that second cupcake, constant stimulation via TV and websites, lashing out in anger, intoxication, over-working or manipulating others to get approval or love. On a larger scale, the consumer-based lifestyle widespread in Western nations leads them to eat up (often literally) a huge portion of the world’s resources. Similarly, much of what we want to avoid—like the discomfort of speaking out, some kinds of psychological or spiritual growth, standing up for others, exercising, being emotionally vulnerable, or really going after one’s dreams—would actually be really good for oneself and others. Second, some wants are certainly wholesome, such as wishing that you and others are safe, healthy, happy, and living with ease; it’s natural to want to give and receive love, to express yourself creatively, to be okay financially, to be treated with respect, to make a big contribution, or to rise high in your career. And many things in life are pleasurable. Some of my personal favorites are morning coffee with my wife, walking in wilderness, watching the SF Giants win the World Series last year, seeing kids flourish, writing these posts, and laughing with friends at dinner. But even with wholesome wants and pleasures, trouble comes when we get driven about them, grasping after them, insisting that they continue, craving and clinging, taking it personally when there’s a hitch, getting pushy, or staying in a tunnel with no cheese. The art is to pursue wholesome desires with enthusiasm, discipline, and skill without getting all hot and bothered about them, and to enjoy life’s pleasures without getting attached to them. For even the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences always end. You are routinely separated from the things you enjoy, and someday that separation will be permanent. Friends drift away, children leave home, careers end, and eventually your own final breath comes and goes. Everything that begins must also cease. Everything that comes together must also disperse. Given this truth, grabbing after or clutching onto the things we want is hopeless and painful. To use an analogy from the Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah: if getting upset about something unpleasant is like being bitten by a snake, grasping for what’s pleasant is like grabbing the snake’s tail; sooner or later, it will still bite you. Therefore, holding wants lightly is helpful in everyday life, bringing you more ease and less trouble from your desires, and creating less trouble for others—even across the world. And if you take it all the way to its end, holding wants lightly is a powerful vehicle for liberation from all of the suffering rooted in desire. How? For starters, be aware of wanting inside your own mind. Try to notice: The ways in which desiring itself feels subtly tense or uncomfortable. The emotional pain of not getting what you want. Including disappointment, frustration, discouragement—perhaps even hopelessness or despair. The frequent discrepancy between the rewards you expected to get from a want, and what it actually feels like to fulfill it. Similarly, notice that the anticipated pain from the things you want to avoid (especially things that would be good for you to open to or go after) is usually worse than the discomfort you actually feel. In effect, your brain is routinely lying to you, promising more pleasure and more pain than you will actually experience. The reason is that the pleasure and pain circuits of the brain are ancient and primitive, and they manipulated our ancestors to do things for their survival by overselling them about apparent opportunities and over-frightening them about apparent risks. The costs of pursuing the things you want, and the costs of trying to avoid some of the actually beneficial things you don’t want. What is the cost/benefit ratio, really? The ways that every pleasant experience must inevitably change and end. Next, imagine you are observing your wants from a great distance, like seeing them from on top of a mountain as if they are down in a valley below. Let them go like clouds in the vast sky of awareness. They are just one more mental content, like sensations, thoughts, or memories. Don’t give them special status—they are just wants. You don’t need to act on them. Usually, they’ll just pass away after awhile. Then, on paper or in your mind, make a list of problematic wants: Things you’ve wanted to get but are either not good for you or others, or come with too high a price. Things you’ve wanted to avoid, but are actually good for you and others. Live with this list. Stare at it. Listen to what it says to you. Perhaps talk about it with others (maybe a therapist). Then make a plan for what you are committing to do about it. Honor this plan; if possible, tell others about it. Also list wholesome wants that you would like to pursue more. Some of these may be suggested implicitly by the list above of what you’ve wanted to avoid. Hang out with this list for awhile, perhaps discussing it with others. Then make a sincere plan for what you are committing to do about it. Your wholesome wants will help crowd out the unwholesome ones. I know what I am suggesting here about these two lists is a big deal, much easier said than done. I’ve been grappling lately with a couple of my own items on these lists, and it’s not easy. But we can be aware of our issues forever (even mindfully aware!) while still never doing anything about them. After you’ve stared at the garden for awhile…it’s time to pull weeds and plant flowers. By Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Brenda Hoffman
August 23, 2016
Welcome to Brenda's Blog [img]http://www.spiritualunite.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/b3827559414cd8ffcd1cba6270c1c964_view.jpg[/img] Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com Summary of Brenda’s August 19, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’ll likely approach the next few days of 3D chaos with a Pollyanna/sunshine attitude that doesn’t jive with those enmeshed in 3D. Earth, which is a bit ahead of you in this 5D transition, is displaying its chaos with fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc. which those directly affected volunteered for. If your joy is to help those affected by earth’s chaos, do so. But if you feel more joy reading a book, that is your role, tapestry thread now. “5D Love is a Larger Experience” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com. Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information. Dear Ones, Many of you are experiencing unusual symptoms with the recent influx of Universal love energies. You are, in essence, shedding your skin which sounds as if you a part of a science fiction horror movie. Such is not at all what is happening for you have anticipated this time for eons. You are not aware of your physical shifts because much of your shedding happens during your sleep or daydreams. Your skin and your innards, if you will, are being released so new crystalline pieces can infiltrate your system. You are even feeling more joyful as this physical transition continues despite periods of discomfort. Puberty would be an apt analogy. Even though your voice, body, and perceptions shifted – not always in a comfortable manner – you were delighted with the shift for it indicated you were becoming a 3D adult. So it is that some of the new pieces/shifts you face now are not pleasant – yet, you are not that concerned. We are not speaking to those with serious ongoing ailments, but instead to those of you with feelings of nausea, headaches, temperature fluctuations and similar aches that seem to come and go at will. Even though you know they are not serious, these aches and pains indicate your body is undergoing something not easily explainable in 3D terms. So it is also with your perceptions. Just as was true in puberty, even though your perceptions are becoming more mature than was true before this recent influx of energies they are not yet of a mature, 5D adult. Even though you continue to take risks with your thoughts and words, those thoughts and words are more loving than was true even two months ago. And you will find less and less to worry about as you mature. Just as before puberty, you were perhaps concerned about leaving your yard or neighborhood given your parents’ restrictions – restrictions that were lifted as you became more mature. So it is you are perceiving your world in a more mature 5D fashion so that those pieces that once frightened you or seemed off-limits are becoming an easily accepted part of your being. Perhaps you once felt the need to save the world in any way that concept spoke to you – that you were the savior for everyone or at least those you believed most in need of your services. As you mature, you focus on joy instead of saviorhood. Similar results may occur, but your focus is more mature – from saving the world as dictated outside yourself to saving whatever you wish because it gives you joy to do so. Resulting in yet another mature approach that you perhaps have not necessarily noted within yourself. As you mature, your joy shifts. When you were a toddler, a rattle was a wonderful, joyful piece of your life. But a teenager finds no joy in that same toy. So it is for you now. That which you found joyful even days ago, does not hold the same value today. The same will be true tomorrow as you move further into the self-love energies now bombarding you and all earth beings. Perhaps you question the need for a rapid shift. Why not shift in years or decades? In truth, your shift happened eons ago. It is just that now your physical, emotional and spiritual being is strong enough within the earth’s 3D/5D energies that you can mature as you wished when you first created the earth. In a sense, you needed to wear something similar to a cumbersome spacesuit when you first arrived on earth eons ago, reducing your ability to examine items and options. You have finally created an environment that allows you to discard that spacesuit and use all your skills to examine whatever you wish. You are discovering that your greatest wish at this time is self-love. Even though it is your focus now, self-love will not always be your focus. Once you have thoroughly examined and accepted self-love, your new 5D maturity – a natural progression of self-love – will encourage you to examine other pieces of your earth life such as relationships and the environment. Perhaps you believe you have fully examined your relationships, and you are committed to saving the environment – which was well and good when your space suit encumbered you. Now that your space suit is discarded, you will discover nuances in your life and being that are far different from that which you once observed. Would you not imagine that someone of a crystalline nature would explore life differently from the 3D being they have been for eons? Such is exactly what is happening to you and all those who wish to be part of this transition. But, as is true in puberty, not everyone is maturing at the same time or in the same way. So it is you are allowing others to find their course, just as you did in puberty when you tried to reassure your friends or yourself that all would have a deeper voice or breasts eventually. This phase, as was true in puberty, is a unique path for each of you. The results, as was also true in puberty, are that you will become a unique adult with unique needs and interests. The difference is that those needs and interests are no longer created by someone outside of you. You are your parents, your guru and your god. You are wonderfully you – maturing daily into a unique crystalline adult who will change the earth and all that touches the earth just by being you. So be it. Amen. http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Copyright © 2009-2016, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

August 23, 2016
We often say, “This is my hand, my leg, my mind - this is my body.” Whose body is it? Who are we referring to? When we say, “This is my body, my hand and my foot,” who is this ‘me’ speaking? Have we ever stopped to think that we are actually not the body? It is our body of course, but we are not the body. It is so simple! What happens at death? The body lies there decaying, rotting because we left the body. The moment we leave the body, the body is nothing but five elements of nature: air, earth, water, space and fire. It disintegrates into ashes. Is it so difficult to realize the truth that we are not this body? Although we can see that we are not this body; although we know that at death, we leave the body and move on, and that the body is cremated or buried; still, we want to fool ourselves in to believing that we are the body. Such is this world; such is the suffering of this world! Unfortunately, until we realize this truth, we will continue to be on this journey of death and rebirth, death and rebirth. Why not stop and realize the truth? - that I am not the body but the fact that I am embodied, I am capsuled into this physical form. I am a Spirit that has human experience, but I am not the body and neither am I the mind. I am the Atman, the Soul, the Divine Power that gives life to the body – that’s why the body is born. It is because I enter the body that it is conceived on earth, is born and grows up and then eventually dies. I leave the body, but all along my ego continues to fool me and tells me that I am the body, I am the mind. Is it not time to stop, to reflect, to think that I am not the body, but the Atman, the Spirit, the Soul? AiR

Thomas Goodwin
August 22, 2016
My purpose in life is to do something about the really messed up spiritual/physical conditions that exist on the planet Earth! I am differently abled in a complicated way that makes me only really capable in a creative way in the spiritual area. Being sort of a social outcast(misunderstood) having to struggle to survive in an insensitive world has exposed me personally to a lot of the very serious spiritual problems that exist on this Earth, that are not being properly dealt with by the primitive religious/spiritual beliefs that exist here, and that tend to have an addictive hold on an awful lot of people. I have always pushed the edge spiritually, but special so over the last 3 decades of my life, using the most intense and effective meditative exercise techniques I could develop while also developing better spiritual theories and an astrology system based on these theories. My unique(nontraditional)astrology system allows for an individualized approach spiritually that is really lacking in the religious/spiritual ideologies that dominate our world at this time. New spiritual ideas are not really effective until they are widely circulating in this world psychically. I am working hard to circulate my spiritual ideas, and techniques, and an astrology system that came as a resulted from them.