Almost every one of us has had one of those moments, after you which you start asking yourself:

“Do I have a sixth sense?” You are walking somewhere, everything around you is going quite normally, but you start getting this feeling in your stomach. You almost hear a voice in your head telling you that something is going to break this peace right now, and a few minutes later (or maybe less), you witness a severe accident, or you receive a phone call informing you of some mishap that happened to someone you love.


The answer to your question is “yes”! Each and every one of us has a level of psychic abilities, or what we call the sixth sense. It is innate for us humans to feel the occurrence of danger before it takes place or to know when one of our loved ones is in need of help, or simply needs a call from us.

The differences between us are in the strength of this power. Some people succeed at predicting or anticipating things with almost full success, whereas others only have these feelings occasionally.

Some individuals with a strong sixth sense are not even aware of the fact, and they just go through life thinking it is entirely coincidental.

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So how can you answer the question: “Do I have a sixth sense”? Here is a list of 3 major signs that you are one of the unknowing psychics:

1. Can you envision events without seeing them?

It might sound strange, but some of us can sense what our loved one is doing, or can enter a place and have a non-visual flashback of previous events that has happened in that same location. They can even predict where certain objects are without a search. If you feel this often, you are probably in possession of a sixth sense.


2. You capture people’s vibes instantly.

Individuals with the sixth sense tend to have levels of empathy that are much higher than the average person. When they are with people, even if they do not know them very well or read their facial expressions, they can still determine how this individual feels or what vibes they are letting out. That is why you might find it incredibly daunting to hang out with people who are constantly upset, or those who tend to dramatise every event. The sixth sense makes you feel things quite intensely.

3. You are in better contact with yourself than most people.

Everybody tries to understand who they are, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. However, to most of us, our being remains partially (sometimes largely) enigmatic. That is not the case with someone who possesses an active sixth sense. They are acutely aware of what it is they are feeling, what they need, and can even know if they are feeling ill or at least what part of them is causing the trouble. They often know how to remedy their ailments. Some ladies can even tell when they are pregnant before taking a test.

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How can I make sure?

These signs among many others can tell you if you are in possession of a sixth sense. You could also have it tested. You can go online and take the Zener test, which was laid down by late psychologist Karl Zener in the 1930s, in which a set of cards carrying symbols (Zener cards) are used to test your Extrasensory Perception (ESP) abilities. If you often find yourself asking “do I have a sixth sense?”, Or were able to relate to the signs mentioned above, this test might settle it for you. Just remember to use your sixth sense wisely!