The cosmos captivates us. The beauty of the night sky is unparalleled in the natural world, and one of the most gripping events we can witness is the infamous shooting star.

For this reason, dreams about shooting stars can tell us much about our state and perhaps even our future.

Have you been dreaming about shooting stars? If you have, then you might want to consider the meaning of those dreams.

Shooting For The Stars

The first and most common interpretation relates to ambition and fame.

Ever wonder why we call them movie “stars” and rock “stars”? It comes from the Greek word “aster”, which was used both as a word for a star and the main person on stage during a play.

Think how a bright star in the dark sky grabs your attention.

You are craving this attention. You are growing in ambition and want recognition for your talents.

But you have been a bit too shy about it until now.

Dreaming of a shooting star could mean that it is the right time for you to throw off the shackles of self-doubt and go after your dreams.

Doing so could grant you stardom, accolades and the recognition you deserve.

Following The Stars

Stars have also been used extensively as navigation tools, and the dream symbolism is rich in this aspect.

In this case, the shooting star is a guiding light. It is fleeting, so you must follow the path that your intuition points you towards.

You have been considering a new path. Maybe you are tired of your job, and an opportunity to break free has presented itself.

Dreaming of a shooting star could mean that the new path you are considering will be beneficial for you, rather than staying where you are.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the safe option to seize the best opportunities.

Other Shooting Star Dream Interpretations

There are several different interpretations of dreams featuring shooting stars.

Symbolism is rife surrounding births. Pregnant women, especially as they reach full term, often dream of shooting stars as they anticipate the life they are bringing into the world.

A shooting star dream might also refer to an unfulfilled wish that you should renew your efforts towards.

Sometimes we give up on our dreams because it seems they are unachievable.

Even if we are right at that time, it could be that circumstances have now changed at the time is right to re-examine.

Due to the fleeting nature of shooting stars, their rarity and their associations with love and romance, a dream about a shooting star could also be a simple reminder to cherish the time you have on Earth with the ones you love.

Finally, in rare circumstances when a dream about a shooting star feels particularly spiritual, it could be a sign of spiritual awakening.

The shooting star in this instance represents a burst of cosmic energy.

Harness this, and you may experience raised vibrations as you transition into an awakened, more enlightened state.