Lyran starseeds are the oldest souls in our whole galaxy. They are fourth dimensional and perfect in their star; but on earth, they are a bit different from what they would have been if they were on their home ground.

Lyrans had a unique part in the creation of humanity. They gifted the element of fire to earth and also seeded the initial souls to Atlantis.


They taught work ethics and use of physical energy to Atlantis and Lemuria.

Origin of Lyran Starseeds:

Lyra is the place of the Lyrans creation. It is the small constellation that is surrounded by Hercules, Cygnus, and Draco.

The brightest star in this constellation is Vega. Lyrans are incarnated into others star systems also: Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus.

How Lyran Starseeds Look:

Feline features are prominent in Lyrans. Their nose and eyes look like cats. Most Lyrans are like cats, but many have features like birds.

Although they look like humans, their skin and eye colours are different and depend mostly on the position of their home star.


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Traits of the Lyran Starseeds:

Here are the most prominent characteristics of the Lyran Starseeds:

Highly Energetic:

They are highly spontaneous and carry high energy all the time. Because of their high energy, they want to try so many things.

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But as they utilise their energy in work, they start to feel exhausted and leave the work in between. That’s why they know so many things because it is always a new start for them.

The Quiet Leaders:

When they are around with people, who have the same origin as theirs, they are mostly leaders. They tell them, what to do.

But with people having a different origin, they remain quiet and don’t mingle much.

They use most of their energy in making perceptions about people they are surrounded with. As they observe silently, they make a good circle of friends.

Adventurous Nature:

They like adventures and always go for thrills. This nature has sometimes led them into trouble, but all their experiences have made them learn so many things that are beneficial for them in the future.

Strong Emotions:

Lyrans have rock solid emotions; they don’t break in front of others. Although, they seem very strong from the outside, but there’s a deep sea of emotions inside.

They always provide their shoulder to others and comfort them in the hour of need.


When it comes to their love life, they are highly passionate lovers but get easily bored because they love diversity.

They have a good heart, and they are highly trust worthy as a friend.

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Shortcut Finders:

Lyran starseeds are very hard working, but they love to find shortcuts to do things. They have their way of completing a job.

They don’t like to read a book because they know soon they could see the story in the movie.

But when they read a book, they absorb the information readily. They are intelligent people who know lots of stuff.

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