Yes, and no, it depends if you are twin flames or not.

The twin flame connection is not an illusion for those living physically with their twin at this point in human history.

But for those who fantasize their crush or online bf/gf is their twin, then yes!

That twin flame connection is an illusion.

Illusion in itself does not exist. Only reality exists.

There is an in-between place, the vortex, where thought and words exist.

The vortex is where thoughts and words are before they become real in the 3D.

But for thoughts to be born into 3D, they require physical action with a purpose behind it

To entirely understand the question regarding the twin flame connection, we need to clarify the meaning we place on the word connection.

You see, the kind of connection twin flames feel when they are together is incomparable to a connection one feels from a distance with someone they have never met.

All of us are in the relationships we are meant to be in at this point in Earth history.

Many twin flames have united across the globe, and it has activated Mother Earth to clean up the mess through their physical union.

However, to answer such a question on a deeper level requires more understanding of the twin flame union and what it is about.

Let us start by first examining everything we feel on a metaphysical level with the same statement.

For example, is love an illusion?

Love is the only true energy in circulation in the universe.

Although we can’t physically see love, we do see the effects when love is present.

For example, the smile on your face when you have a warm memory of being loved, the warm feeling of being full inside rather than feeling empty.

We don’t question love because we know it is real, and it’s something we can feel in our hearts.

The absence of love is painful; adding love to pain eliminates the hurt instantly.

If we process it as such, it puts us on the right path to self-love.

That is if we are not already in a state of loving ourselves.

To answer the question about twin flames, we must understand our souls’ purpose on a twin flame journey.

And believe us when we say, not everyone is a twin flame.

It makes no sense and is unnecessary, an overload if you will.

Twin Flame Connection Is An Illusion When It Is Romanticized

Some romanticize the twin flame connection by forcing a relationship along a fast track to marriage, children, and a white picket fence.

Mostly we see this behavior in women claiming to operate from their inner Devine Feminine.

Mostly it is no fault of their own; many men use the twin flame phenomena to get online satisfaction.

However, the Devine Feminine would not show up to support such fallacies.

We feel our Devine Feminine when we are on the right path, or if we are lucky, we hear her whispering to us that we are going the wrong way.

Men can be guilty of this when functioning from a low energy place; the Devine Masculine is nonexistent in this kind of man.

No matter how hard you try, no one can shake a man or woman awake enough to follow their life path but themself.

A man like this will only elevate himself when he hits rock bottom and, in his pain, finds his divine masculine was there; it was just hidden under all his shame.

Why Doesn’t My Tf Want To Be With Me Romanticly?

The TF connection does not work the same way as romantic love.

Romance is usually just physical love; twin flames do not require chemistry to bond.

Twin flames do fall in love with each other and have a romantic physical relationship.

It is advantageous as long as you are both single and spiritually prepared for the mission ahead.

What if You Are Not Single and in a Committed Relationship?

We know others and have read stories about other flames meeting and going on to have full lives, living and work together.

None of them would say the journey was easy all the time, but it was necessary to experience the lows and the highs to understand their mission.

That is the environment Twins need for their union.

However, it saddens us to learn how many met theirs by having an affair or cheating on someone they are already committed to.

This kind of dishonesty is evidence that they are fooling themselves into believing what they did was right.

It is an immense undertaking and full of lengthy preparation to be a twin flame.

If you have not learned these basic kinds of lessons, you are in no way close to being a twin flame.

Twin Flame Runner and Chaser Stage Is an Illusion

Many chase their so-called flames without knowing what the connection is, and they lock themselves in a place of darkness.

There isn’t a way out for them when they believe the illusion.

Unfortunately, they are, stuck in an illusion of being a twin flame.

Usually, an online chat with a con man or woman has them believing they found them, usually because these cons artists are good at convincing them of it.

These people sit alone, stalking social media, scanning for signs that they have found their twin.

It saddens us to see these souls wasting away in such darkness.

When the Twin Flame Connection Is an Illusion

If you can see your “twin flame connection” described in this article, you probably fell prey to one of the many charlatans picking up multiple online relationships under the guise of twin flames.

It is a sick practice, but it works for those empty souls just grabbing at what they can get; however, they can obtain it.

It is not your fault that false feelings have tricked you, but it is your responsibility to break the self-imprisonment pattern you grew while dating this way.

The Flame Connection Is An Illusion Because Of Persuasion and Myths

And to those living the illusion, here is a surefire tip to keep you safe in the future.

Do not believe anyone online telling you that they know that you are their Twin Flame.

It can not be confirmed without a face to face meeting.

What Is This Unique Event That Takes Place When Twin Flames Meet Face to Face?

All the twin flames in physical union know what we are talking about.

There is a soul activation that occurs; you both feel it.

It is not that love, at first sight, the earthly delight we feel when we are extremely attracted to someone who is the masculine or feminine equivalent of ourselves.

Love, at first sight, is a physiological response built into our genetic DNA for procreation. It is not that.

Twin flame souls are advanced on a spiritual level, and earthly concepts don’t touch that part of us as a soul connection does.

Don’t misunderstand me. The Earth does move for the both of you.

You are led to make drastic changes of lifestyle to be together.

However, I don’t believe it is at others’ costs; it is your own sacrifices that count.

You are rewarded when you do, and success does come when you stick at it.

Twin flame relationships are hard; they need constant work to maintain.

Twin flame relationships are so combustible that arguments flare up at every turn.

Integrity stakes are so high that correcting deeply with each other is a must; it is the way to fast track growth.

It takes dedication to stay in a union; there are forces beyond Earth’s realms working against us.

After all, twin Flames are ushers of souls, guiding them back to their rightful place as Mother cycles and cleans.

Never forget it is a spiritual war taking place right now.

Twin Flames Have a Mammoth Responsibility

Yes, there is passionate love between us, a glue of sorts, sticking us together.

And even when rationally you think you should break up, you stay together. That is when you know you are in a twin flame union.

You know you can’t succeed in life without them because you know it is your soul’s job; it is who and what you are.

And we do love each other; even when we see each other’s flaws, we love them even harder, because ultimately, the consequences of failure are more than just us.

And that’s ok, that is what twin flames endure, that is the oath we took millennia ago, that is the oath we will always uphold.

The twin flame connection we have is not an illusion. I can read his mind, I rescue him from bad dreams as we sleep beside each other.

We have ESP, we rescue each other.

There is nothing between us but connection.

We are twin flames.

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