Understanding Our Psyche In Leo

Leo the Lion is the fifth sign in zodiac, they run from the 23rd of July to the 21st of August, being the most predominant fire sign they are packed with heat and radiate energy from every pore. Most psyche in Leo beings are energetic with a high stamina, often bordering on being quite hyperactive, as long as they harness this energy within a stable atmosphere. Psyche in Leo really do radiate such a powerful white heat, they are adored for this and in turn they are generous and kind.

Her Psyche In Leo Let’s Take A Look

Rawwwh, goes the psyche in Leo woman, an exhibitionist at heart she is a star, her creative spirit and fiery nature means she needs a man who can harness her physical nature and tame her with his warmth and affection.


Her desire for admiration from her male counterparts drives the psyche in Leo to find herself the greatest love of her life like it were an epic motion picture, no mediocrity for her dizzy from the heights of love perspective.

Her deepest desire is to be adored for her star quality and if he is powerful or famous or even wealthy, and can take her there, she will be right by his side sharing in his spotlight.
A strong man who commands respect and can afford to be generous with it appeals to the psyche in Leo woman in every way.psyche in leo 2

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Now For His Psyche In Leo

Just like any Lion the psyche in Leo man wants the kind of woman that attracts attention and is desired by many other men, she needs to be regal, gorgeous and if she is also aloof then he will do what it takes to make her his Queen.

The psyche in Leo man fantasizes about the ultimate woman, she is a superstar, acclaimed and fits right into his ideal of luxury and opulent living. A woman of status and worth is his ideal catch, from her he expects complete loyalty and his need for being constantly appreciated must also be attended to.

If the psyche in Leo man is ignored or not appreciated then he will become very insecure, this leaves him open to stray to another, one who will flatter him and give him the feelings he desires above all else. Psyche in Leo is so like the Lion, he also needs to be the boss, if a woman tries to take over his reign then there will be a major cat fight,so any woman interested in a Leo male must be willing to take a back seat.psyche in leo 1


Psyche In Leo Conclusion

Psyche in Leo is truly a Lion at heart, they truly embody the characteristics of the big cat, they are proud, regal and always in charge, you can however, love them up and they will for a time roll on their backs for a tummy rub, but make sure you read the signs, if they have had enough of playing second they will stick their claws in, this is not malicious, just their nature.
Love is ruler supreme for psyche in Leo, their main motivation is to love and be loved.psyche in leo 3

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It is all to easy to hurt their feelings, they need to always come first and if you neglect them in any way you will hurt them deeply, this to them is betrayal. If the psyche in Leo’s efforts go unrecognized they feel underappreciated, they deal with this in two ways, they will walk off and sulk or strike out at you, so be prepared to appreciate everything they do for you as this is the key to their love.

Relaxing somewhere warm and comfortable is such a great pleasure to the Leo, a trip to a warm destination is never over looked or passed over. Leo are not one to bother with the small stuff, they care about the big picture, so don’t bother them with the small details, work it out then take to them the finished product, this will please them immensely.

All in all this fire sign is full of energy, they are bright and warm people, they draw people to them and have many admires, and this is just the way they like it too.


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