If you are wondering whether you have a karmic, soulmate, or twin flame, it can be quite confusing.

The key thing to remember is that your karmic soulmate and twin flame are two different relationships.

To help you better understand the difference between these types of relationships, I will explain their main characteristics below:

Twin flame

The twin flame concept isn’t something new to me, this is about our soul and how we connect with another on that level.

You only have to search the web and you will find tons of information on it, although I feel most of the information about twin flame contradicts how this relationship is experienced.

The twin flame connection is purely spiritual in nature, meaning it’s a relationship experienced in the 5th-dimensional realm.

Which you are connected through your emotional fields, where everything is experienced emotionally and spiritually.

Not like “real world” relationships that exist in the 3rd-dimensional realms

When twin flames connect in the real world they are either karmic or soulmate relationships.

These relationships are based on growth, meaning it’s a relationship where both of you grow together spiritually and help each other ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

There are many different opinions on how twin flames should behave towards each other, but the main thing is to understand that you are both spiritually connected and have no need for control or dominance.

It’s all about giving complete freedom to the other person so they can be who they are without fear of rejection.

This brings the true essence of love and I also believe this is how twin flames should behave towards each other as well.

Characteristics of a Twin Flame Relationship

There are many characteristics or types of twin flame relationships, and in my spiritual journey, I have seen most of them and helped heal many of these relationships.

My understanding of the soul in its purest form is simple; we are love, and I truly believe twins souls resonate to the same frequency of love.

Unfortunately, not all twin flame relationships have a happy ending.

I will explain below the type of twin flame relationships that exist and how I perceive them to be.

I truly believe that even if you are experiencing one of the negative types of twin flame relationships, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed for failure or there isn’t hope.

Types Of Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Soulmate Relationship

As mentioned above we know that a twin flame relationship is metaphysical in nature.

The twin soulmate connection is spiritual even on a physical level.

These are rare twin flame relationships to come by, and I personally haven’t seen any issues with them.

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In my opinion, this is where you both have a deeper understanding of each other’s souls and the ultimate purpose of why you are together.

There is a deeper understanding of the spiritual world and you both strive to become better people spiritually not just for yourselves but also your partner.

Twin Flame Karmic Relationship

These are the types of relationships that have been created from a past life and this is where there is a sense of competition between each other, even though underneath it’s based on love.

If you have a twin flame karmic relationship, then you have both been together in many different lifetimes and this relationship is decided for learning.

This type of relationship is full of challenges and you both push each other to the edge when it comes to spiritual growth.

There is a strong sense of love in this relationship but also at times, there can be anger and resentment towards each other.

I have seen this type of relationship countless times, and I know that if you both want this relationship to be successful then you both need to strive for spiritual growth and development.

These types of twin flames need to learn from each other how to deal with love and life.

If you both become better people, then it will be easier to deal with the negative aspects of this relationship and create a healthy loving bond together.

Twin Flame Karmic Relationship With A Twist

This is where there is also a third person involved who keeps coming in between the two souls.  

When I look into this type of twin flame relationship, I can see that there is a magnetic connection between these three people.

In my opinion, the third person is someone from another lifetime who needs to be healed from their past.  

This could be an ex-partner or a soulmate.  It doesn’t make a difference in how the relationship is.  

The third person has unresolved issues and this is where they get sucked into the twin flame karmic situation.

Why Does a Twin Flame Relationship End?

Someone asked me why twin flame relationships end? So I thought I would write a little about this.

Every experience you get in life is meant to get you closer to self-realization and this means your soul will be constantly evolving and learning from each experience, good or bad.

And that’s why when a twin flame relationship ends it is because one of the souls learned from that relationship and they both evolve by going different paths.

It’s not a breakup as many people think, but rather a normal process of growth where you come to a point where you have something to share with each other and grow together, sharing your separate paths until the next time you meet.

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The soulmate relationship is pure and majestic.

The term soulmate speaks of the spiritual evolution that is possible when two people are together.

It often feels as though you have known your soulmate all your life, even if you have only just met.

Soulmates are connected by their hearts, not by gender or sexuality. The heart space between them flows with love and light making communication effortless.

Yet I feel they are different from twin flames in many ways.

The twin flame relationship is about the embodiment of divine love in physical form.

It is unconditional and pure, but it can be challenging to live with another human who has their own views of how things should be done.

It takes great maturity on both parts to rise above these challenges and become more than they thought possible.

The soulmate relationship often lacks the deep connection and challenges that a twin flame relationship brings.

It is a more intimately connected type of partnership, one that can be easily taken for granted if not nurtured properly.


Karmic relationships are relationships that we have a deep connection to, but not necessarily a particularly strong, loving one.

They are usually relationships where we feel as if we need to be there for them or at least make an effort to maintain the relationship.

This relationship is based on mutual karma from previous lifetimes.

For example: Perhaps you owed your karmic partner a favor from a past life and now it is their time for repayment of the debt.

Karmic relationships can be confusing because we may come into them thinking we are meeting our soulmate, but as time goes on, we begin to realize that this person isn’t who we thought they were and the relationship just doesn’t quite feel what we thought it would.


Relationships can be complicated enough without trying to figure out what kind of relationship you are in.

If you feel that the person you love is your twin flame, then that might just be it.

If not, don’t try to force things into becoming something they aren’t meant to be.

It takes two people working together with a clear vision and great understanding to make a relationship work.  And even then it can be challenging.

Soulmate relationships are without a doubt, easier and the bond is more effortless to maintain.

Karmic connections on the other hand require more effort, but they too can become soul-deep connections depending on what you have been through together in previous lifetimes.