There are many things to love about the twin flame journey, but there are also things that can be challenging.

One of the biggest challenges is experiencing what it means to have your twin energy invade every aspect of your life without any control over it, which often results in confusion and miscommunication between you both.

It’s important to remember that we don’t always need to understand why we feel a certain way.

We only need to understand how we feel in order for us to acknowledge that feeling and take responsibility for it; then work on clearing out the energies associated with those feelings so you can move forward productively towards your twin flame union.

This energy is also a beautiful reminder of our connection and can be very helpful as it often gives us insights into the inner workings of each other’s minds.

As we go through different experiences together, we learn more about how to work with this energy so that we may grow closer and stay connected.

What is a Twin Flame Energy?

Twin flame souls are intimately connected at a much deeper level and share an unbreakable tie of pure love.

This means that they are constantly drawn to each other and experience a deep soul connection, even when apart.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between twin flame energy that is deeply spiritual and a twin flame connection that is mostly karmic: although these two energies can feel similar at times.

The main difference between the two is that in a spiritual twin flame relationship, both parties will have cleared out most of their lower vibrational energies and be living a life that is reflective of their highest selves.

This means they will no longer attract drama, chaotic people, or negative situations into their lives.

As they are in a place of inner peace, self-love, and gratitude; this will be reflected by the outer world where they live in abundance, experience heightened spiritual growth, and attract supportive relationships that enhance rather than diminish them.

If you find yourself still attracting low vibrational energy, then this is a sign that you are still dealing with a twin flame energy that is karmic.

What Can Twin Flame Energy Feel Like Physically?

Here are some examples of what twin flame energy can feel like physically:

• Physical pain in the heart area, chest pains, or palpitations.

• Feeling sick to your stomach when apart from your twin flame.

• Having large emotional releases during meditation.

• Experiencing extreme highs and lows.

• Intense dreams or visions about your twin flame.

• A sense of knowing what your twin flame is doing at all times.

• Feeling your twin’s presence.

These are just a few examples, but you may experience something different altogether.

The important thing to remember is that if you are feeling any of these symptoms, it is important to acknowledge and work on what that means for you.

As your relationship evolves, you will both change on an energetic level and the symptoms you experience may also change.

Your union with your twin flame consists of many stages, so you will go through several different types of changes throughout your twin flame journey.

It is important not to get stuck in one stage or allow yourself to be defined by what symptoms you currently have, but rather work towards understanding the reason they are there and allowing them to clear out naturally on their own accord.

Can Your Twin Flame Feel Your Energy?

Twin flames are deeply connected on an energetic level, so it is entirely possible for your twin to feel your energy even when you are apart.

If they have not cleared out some of their lower vibrational energies and opened up more fully to the spiritual connection that lies at the heart of this union; then there may be times where they will pull away from you.

This is because your energy may be too intense or overwhelming for them to handle at that time.

It is important to remember that we all grow and change at our own pace, so don’t take it personally if your twin flame pulls away periodically.

Just continue to focus on your own growth and work on raising your vibration as high as possible.

When both twins are raising their vibrations to a similar level, then it will be easier for them to connect and stay connected even when apart.

What is the Purpose of Twin Flame Energy?

The purpose of twin flame energy is ultimately to help each twin grow spiritually and become their highest selves.

This means clearing out any lower vibrational energies, such as fear, anger, and resentment.

It also means learning to forgive oneself and others, developing self-love, and opening up to the divine love that lies at the heart of this connection.

Working through all of the challenges that come with a twin flame relationship is not easy, but it is necessary if we want to evolve and grow as spiritual beings.

As you work through your own challenges and change on an energetic level, then both of you will be ready to move forward together into a divine partnership that is based on compassion, trust, loving-kindness, and mutual respect for each other’s boundaries.


Twin flame relationships are meant to be the ultimate teacher and mirror for each other so that we can see all of our own flaws and learn to love them as part of who we are.

When we can unconditionally accept ourselves for all that we are, then it is easier to do the same for our twin flame.

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to become the best version of ourselves and allow our twin to do the same.